The concept of oxidation in chemistry is a somewhat confusing one, mostly due to the fact that it precedes an expertise of the structure of the atom and how chemical reactions occur. The ax originated as soon as chemists were evaluating reactions including oxygen, which was the an initial known oxidizing agent.

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To contemporary chemists familiar with the exchange of electrons in reactions, oxidation describes the lose of electrons and reduction come the obtain of electrons. The modern an interpretation applies come reactions that involve oxygen as well as those the don"t, such together the manufacturing of methane (CH4) from carbon and also hydrogen. When you include oxygen come methane to develop carbon dioxide and also water, that"s likewise oxidation. The carbon atom loses electrons, and its oxidation state changes while the oxygen atoms acquire electrons and also are reduced. This is known as a oxidization reaction.

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The oxidation state of carbon in the methane molecule is -4 while that of hydrogen is +1.

Because the its 4 valence electrons, carbon can exist in a selection of oxidation states, ranging from +4 to -4. That"s why it develops so many compounds, an ext than any type of other element. To determine its state in a details compound, you usually have to look in ~ the bond it creates with the other elements in the compound.

Hydrogen has only one valence electron, and also since that electron is in its an initial shell, it demands only one electron to fill the shell. This renders it an electron attractor with an oxidation state the +1. Hydrogen can likewise lose an electron and exist in a -1 oxidation state as soon as it combine with team 1 steels to type metal hydrides, such together NaH and LiH, but in many cases, such as when it combines through carbon, it"s always in the +1 oxidation state.

To compute the oxidation state that carbon in the methane molecule, friend treat every carbon-hydrogen bond as if it to be ionic. The molecule has actually no network charge, for this reason the sum of every the carbon-hydrogen bonds needs to be 0. This way the carbon atom donates 4 electrons, which makes its oxidation state -4.

When you combine methane through oxygen, the assets are carbon dioxide, water and also energy in the form of heat and also light. The well balanced equation because that this reaction is

Carbon experience a dramatic readjust in that oxidation state in this reaction. Whereas its oxidation number in methane is -4, in carbon dioxide, it"s +4. That"s because oxygen is an electron agree which constantly has an oxidation state of -2, and there space two oxygen atoms for every carbon atom in CO2. The oxidation state that hydrogen, top top the various other hand, remains unchanged.

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