OZZY OSBOURNE little the head turn off a bat and has since shared just how the bizarre incident pertained to be, why it to be a mistake and also how he had actually to have rabies shots.

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Ozzy Osbourne on how he finished up biting turn off a bat’s head – ‘It was a mistake!’ (Image: GETTY)


Ozzy admits the didn"t know it to be a live bat (Image: GETTY)

At the end of this tour’s show, Ozzy would jajalger2018.orgme out optimal of a giant head which had actually a catapult at the back full of life meat i m sorry he’d launch at the audience.

His pan would end up spanned in intestines and also livers, for this reason they would show up through their own to throw at Ozzy and also his band.

He remembered how they would certainly throw life chickens, sheep testicles, live snakes and also even dead rats.

Ozzy said: “Someone threw this frog top top stage. It was the best frog I’ve ever seen in my life and also it to be lying top top its back.”


Ozzy now (Image: GETTY)

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Sharon jajalger2018.orgmmented: “I was hysterical, I thought it was a baby!” yet then came the most well known moment.

Ozzy said: “Somebody threw a bat, I simply thought it to be a rubber bat.

“I just picked the up and I put it in my mouth. I just f***ing bit right into it, y’know, gift the f***ing clown that ns am.”

Realising it was alive, he claimed to himself: “Oh, no, it’s real! It’s a genuine live bat!”

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Ozzy jajalger2018.orgntinued: “Bats space the greatest carriers the rabies in the world. I had actually to walk to hospital afterwards and they came and started providing me rabies shots

“I had one in each rear, and I had to have that every night.”

The event made the news and also Sharon shared how there were also stories that Ozzy would only go on if he eliminated so many kittens beforehand.

The singer added: “It got to the allude where human being expected me to do crazier and crazier things.”


In an interview after the event, Ozzy said: “People elaborate and Ozzy Osbourne has been developed through them, not with me.

“All i did was obtain out there and make a mistake of biting the head turn off a bat.

“And i tell girlfriend what guys, it ain’t fun once you obtain them rabies shots!”

The nine Live that Ozzy Osbourne is streaming on BBC iPlayer.

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