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What Personification Is

Personification is assigning human traits to meaningless objects, ideas, or phenomena. Inanimate way non-living things—breathless and also pulseless. Personification is called anthropomorphism once it is used to animals.

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Common examples of Personification

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the sun kissed the ocean

the way owl

justice is blind

the sunlight smiled under on them

stars winked

the city never sleeps

the hamburger was calling my name

the residence sighed

Why usage Personification

Provides a fresh method to describe inanimate things.Connects a reader with an inanimate reality so he understands what it method to the personality or to the story.Helps readers sympathize v or reaction emotionally come objects that end up being a personality in a story.Emphasizes an idea or mood.Adds aesthetic attributes to the story.Introduces an interpretation into mysterious things like pressures of nature.Helps to display a character’s optimistic or negative feelings toward an inanimate thing.Adds poetic vividness to the writing.

How to use Personification

♦ decide if something nonhuman in your story warrants distinct attention. We suppose a particular amount that description, however when it’s personified, it will certainly pop the end to the reader and also stop the long sufficient to imagine the description.


The flooding waters swallowed the last little of dry land.

Eric pass the house, the barn, and also the pond that swallowed much of the yard and then gotten in the shed.

For Eric making his way to the shed in the 2nd example, ns think the personification of the pond adds little and slows the pace.

♦ decide on the personification’s purpose.

◊ Is it to carry an inanimate point to life together a character in the story? it will probably need much more than one person trait.

A haunted house: for its twisted intent, the spiral staircase beckoned travellers to rise to the second story. 

The wind: The wind rushed the house again and also again, climate halted. The stood silent and still. Ns didn’t to trust it, fearing that loomed exterior my door with its saber raised high ready to slice v me as soon as I do a mad dash to my truck.

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◊ Does the nonhuman entity have definition to the character—fondness, security, or hatred?

A continuous ringing phone the too frequently brings bad news: The haranguing workdesk phone demanded i answer that again. I’d had enough of that is ranting. I pulled its lifeline native the wall and strangled it through the cord.


◊ Is it to help set the the atmosphere of the scene?

Oppressive heat and humidity: The sludgy air crawled approximately the edge of the house and also pushed the mercury up within our home window thermometer come the bursting point.

◊ Or is it simply to include interest come description?

♦ select human characteristics or qualities that accomplish your purpose.

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Use personification to give inanimate things person traits for a function in your story. Click come tweet.