If you are an avid dog lover, the is extremely likely that you’re fond of pit bulls. These medium-sized dogs are one of the most interesting, intelligent, and loyal pets the an animal lover have the right to adopt. Pit bulls are regularly formally well-known as the American Pit Bull Terrier (APBT), the American Staffordshire Terrier (AST), or the Staffordshire Bull Terrier (SBT). In fact, some people even confused pit bulls through the American Bulldog. My own pit bull required an allergy-free bed so ns go the best hypoallergenic dog bed money can buy, the was just how much i loved him and also that is how far owners (like myself) space willing to go. The each other itself is a form of dog, i beg your pardon further has different breeds. Amongst these, the red sleep pitbull and the blue sleep pitbull families are an especially studied because of the interesting characteristics and differences castle possess.

An outline of the Breed

Even despite pit bulls are medium in size, this dogs are muscular and extremely strong. In general, pit bulls are thought about ferocious and violent. In reality, dogs of this each other are extremely loving and also loyal.

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In the 1800s, pit bulls were bred come fight in competitions and dangerous occasions just to entertain humans. Castle were greatly trained come act together bait for bulls in bullfights, i beg your pardon were climate killed. This sport was soon claimed to it is in illegal, after i m sorry pit bulls were steadily brought at house as pets.

Even despite both these species share the very same heritage, they differ based upon colour, price, physical characteristics, health, temperament, and many other factors. However, typical misconceptions about these differences insurance claim that these two species of pit bulls are totally different. While the differences are apparent, they still belong to the same family. As result of this, these 2 dogs share significant traits in terms of personality and also temperament.

Here space some significant differences in between a blue nose and a red sleep pitbull –


Major physical Traits

The most distinctive features the also set the 2 dogs apart room the coat and also nose colour. This is mainly because of the existence of recessive genes, which are inherited from parents. Together the name suggests, pit bulls with red noses are recognized as Red sleep Pit bulls, whereas pit bulls through blue noses are dubbed Blue nose pit bulls. In the latter, the skin on and also around the sleep of these dogs, which also resembles the structure of leather, carries a dark blue hue, which makes them aesthetically pleasing.

Red nose pit bulls might appear an ext intimidating than blue sleep pit bulls, mostly due to the fact that of your muscular build. At the same time, these dogs to be bred and used inappropriately in the past, mostly for violent reasons, i m sorry adds come its negative reputation. However, if trained and also loved, red sleep pit bulls deserve to be very friendly, soft, and also loyal companions. They possess a stocky frame, which is quite apparent in every pit bulls. They possess big heads and also are specifically intimidating. Because of this, most world prefer come walk away than pet these loving creatures. If you offer them a chance, lock are incredibly fun.

Apart from this, both varieties share similar height, typical weight, and build.



While adopting a dog is a noble act, some world are inclined in the direction of buying a pit bull as these space not readily available for adoption. Because that this reason, you should always consider the pricing and the difference between these two breeds once you decide to to buy one. Needless to say, together the demand increases, the price will increase too. Pit bulls, in general, room high in need all year round.

In particular, the “Old household Red Nose” pit bull is much more expensive as compared to typical Red sleep or Blue nose pit bulls. Funnily enough, blue sleep pit bulls were an ext expensive in the past, which has drastically readjusted over the years. There have also been plenty of fluctuations in prices for both species of pit bulls. In current times, red sleep pit bulls are hardly ever bred, which has made it challenging for pitbull enthusiasm to find one to take on or buy. Due to this, the price the red sleep pit bulls has substantially increased. Since the need is high and also the it is provided is low, red sleep pitbull breeders are unbothered about their sky-high prices.



While the is recognized that many pit bulls deserve to be ferocious or aggressive, blue nose pit bulls, in particular, are soft and offer a the majority of love. All you should do is encourage and train them to hear to you and also be sweet. By law so, your dog will turn into a lifelong companion. Both species of pit bulls are an excellent around children and can socialize if trained to. If the pet owner has had a baby, the pit bull is regularly well-mannered and also will never be aggressive v the child. In fact, castle play v the children of the house and also are prepared to take a happy beating together well. Kids, too, are typically unafraid that pit bull pets, which is quite surprising provided the intimidating personality that most pit bulls possess. Youngsters perceive these dogs together stuffed animals that space fun come ride. Also if both types of bulls are kissed, cuddled, pulled, satellite on, hugged, or got hold of by kids, these dogs room calm and reciprocate equal fun without complain or gift aggressive.

In particular, red sleep pit bulls favor being about people and not simply kids. As result of their loyal nature, they are extremely likely to bark ~ above strangers and also protect your owners. In return, they suppose the love to be reciprocated through the pet owners. For this reason, in some cases, pitbulls have the right to be reliable service and therapy animals.

The barking and protective nature don’t necessarily make them great watchdogs. They never ever view a stranger as a potential threat but a friend they’ve never ever met before. This is particularly witnessed in blue nose pit bulls. However, once it pertains to children, their protective instinct kicks in. Even though many pet owners are advised not to leave their pit bulls alone with their kids, ideal training and socializing deserve to lead come an unbreakable friendship between the two.

However, they execute not prefer to be around other animals, especially if they space not carried up together. Both varieties get follow me well through each other. If both varieties are kind and also rarely prone to violence, lack of maintain can reason a major temperament issue, mainly due to their natural violent genes. However, due to the fact that training these dogs is easier, you have the right to keep lock calm and playful.


Breed Variations

While both each other will constantly have colour variations that is the blue nose pit-bull breed that has the biggest range of variations. This of course also method they space the more sought-after breed as you can finish up with lot rarer arrays of colour. While friend do must be mindful that part breeders will pass the an ext unusual colours off together “rare” that is precious checking pictures of the same breed virtual to check out just how “rare” that variation is.



While size distinctions in breeds space not noticeable until they are lot older there are some arrays you might want to consider. Blue-nose breeds often tend to be smaller, but more muscular and also red-nose breeds have tendency to it is in taller and leaner. While there are little differences and of course regularly dependant on their upbring and also trailing the is something more noticeable together time walk on.

In Conclusion…

Irrespective that the differences, both species of pit bulls are extremely loyal and fun. Even if it is it’s a Red sleep or a Blue nose pitbull, this each other is constantly the right an option for dog lovers. The misconception of this two types being fully different is greatly floated through breeders together their livelihood depends on the number of dogs lock sell. This is only feasible by stating evident differences between the two and also creating a selling point for each form of pit bull. If it is successful, their dogs appear an ext desirable come the buyers. While that is unethical, uninformed pets owners autumn for it, which has actually led come this perception.

Before you choose a kind and a specific pit bull pup you are interested in, make sure that you understand the breeder and also their work. This is mainly since many breeders try to maintain or keep the color of the breed during inbreeding. Dog breeding and also selling have end up being a significant business worldwide, i beg your pardon has likewise put this breed at risk. They usage pure blue stock because that breeding, which regularly affects the health of the puppies. In other words, every generation is at risk, which is also a threat to the breed. So, if you are looking to take on or buy a dog and also decide to acquire a Blue nose pitbull, try to search for another form or breed of dog. Many breeders are an ext concerned around generating revenue and less around animal welfare, i beg your pardon is rather disheartening. So, if you room a true animal or dog lover, look because that other alternatives or dig deeper prior to making a choice.

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Lastly, if friend do gain one of this types, make certain that they room treated well and also trained to be gentle as they are an ext prone come fighting and violence. Both these species of pit bulls belong come the same family members and form great pets. Apart from their colouring, they possess part minor differences that barely set them apart. So, perform not be stroller, stick and adopt a dog native a shelter. If you like pit bulls in general and are able to find one at the shelter, take into consideration yourself lucky.