Ok i took the 1st Pokemon second Pokemon 3rd Pokemon 4th Pokemon max exp password by tnsktg and put them together right here is the code.

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In the following code just replace the xxx with one of the 3 digit password which coincides to what girlfriend want
When you activate this password you will have a mission in your mission listYour mission is requested by (Pokemon) and also your mission is to go to the very first floor of the first, easiest dungeon, which is beach cave, and also find (Pokemon). Once you complete this mission (Pokemon) will ask to join your team.Replace ttt uuu and also rrr v the (Same) hex together the Pokemon you want to get. (Hex perform of Pokemon in code Section)022AF3E0 00010104122AF3E4 00000101122AF3E8 00000001022AF3EC 0ttt0uuu122AF3F2 00000006122AF3F4 00000rrr222AF3F8 00000000(NOTE: you must save her game and deactivate the code before you can accept the job, the task will be in her joblist yet will continue to be on exposed status, if you do not deactivate the code. Once you turn off the password you deserve to take the job and also complete it.)
This code makes the team leader into a steel form decoy that learns shaymin"s move collection including a prototype version of particle flare:
021ACC50 00xxyy00 - Pokemon 1021ACE80 00xxyy00 - Pokemon 2021AD0B0 00xxyy00 - Pokemon 3021AD2E0 00xxyy00 - Pokemon 4More follows...
To usage this correctly, you must use one of the two complying with code pieces then the 3rd code piece (Male/Female and the one that renders them exist); It"s supposed to slow the video game to encourage you come save and also quit and also remove the password after getting the wanted effects, because if you try and put a Pokemon on her team that was hacked up, it has actually a tendency to freeze unless you save and remove the password first. 722AD1F4 0000021574000100 6F00000c022A3404 00000000DA000000 022A3404C0000000 00000214D4000000 00000001D7000000 022A3404DC000000 0000004AD2000000 00000000// must use or one adhering to this; sets the Pokemon values. Default gender as Male uneven they have actually only one gender.
*Be mindful when utilizing this.* When you space in the key menu, inspect to check out if the background picture is that Wigglytuff and also Chatot. If not, walk to expedition Record, then execute the adhering to steps carefully: move the cursor to the an extremely bottom selection. Then hold the R button and move down. You have to see that the cursor moves the end of package of regular selections. Then push the A button and you"re there. (Use the X switch to activate things, favor in the sound test, and use the Y button to deactivate things.)
Your companion becomes a cool, primal dialga and additionally learns the moves of it, too. No buttons space needed. Although, girlfriend must get in a dungeon and go to an additional floor in order to operate.Have fun!



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