I got tired of guessing the code so the my pokemon can be female, therefore I discovered them, one at a time, and noted them. Part pokemon shouldn"t be male... To use the modifier, conserve your video game with the password activated. I just made the personality codes, not the modifiers. Pokemon that have a (-) behind their name means that the video game does not recognize a gender for the pokemon. All of the codes room 100% tested by me.

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When i was examining Rioru" "List of existing PMD AR Codes" in the exp full section. I identified what the diferences where in the numbers and found out exactly how it"s transforming and came up v a lot greater amounts. All of these AR codes room tested by me and 2 others.
Wind never ever Stir121BA4B8 000003E8Pokemon never ever Spawn121BA4B6 00000000Constant Pokemon Spawn121BA4B6 000000FF
This code will make every the present in adventure log in appear. It won"t adjust the statistic, though.Plus others
I got worn down of guessing the code so that my Pokemon might be female, so I found them, one in ~ a time, and listed them. Part Pokemon shouldn"t it is in male... To use the modifier, conserve your video game with the password activated. I just made the character codes, not the modifiers. Pokemon that have a (-) behind their name way that the game does not acknowledge a gender for the pokemon. All of the codes room 100% experiment by me.NOTE: currently is working from Europe.
Game ID: 4273Serial: NTR-C2SE-USAFor those who get their game softlocked through rank points multiplier password active, ns made these two. They set points complete with 5 point out left come the closestly rank. Because that gaining brand-new rank you must trigger the code, then complete your team"s mission.For those who prefer a small challenge, 2nd code activates on choose up, litter or use of details item within a dungeon*. Watch spoiler for items list.Spoiler:
Rank ItemBronze - Oran BerrySilver - AppleGold - huge AppleDiamond - Oren BerrySuper - Max ElixirUltra - White GummyHyper - Reviver SeedMaster - joy SeedMaster S - ZincMaster SS - ProteinMaster SSS - CalciumGuildmaster - Iron
* cannot be used with "Extra to save B" code. Relying on order it will certainly be overridden since they share exact same values range, and vice versa.For "Extra savings" softlock workaround codes examine out older action Replay submissions.
Well now I made a password that just pressing L+A+B bring out all of the legendary Pokemon item in her bag, it plainly can job-related in any type of dungeon however only the europe version.
As part 2 of my first submission.Here"s the list supplied for well-known item modifiers including storage, endowment bag and dungeon"s loot.
I uncovered the pattern because that the exp. Obtain codes in the EU version. Basically, substitute the X"s in the code below for the one friend want. It works similar to normal.
Game ID: 4273Serial: NTR-C2SE-USA1."Extra bank savings"Is the cheat that urges player to loss enemies, throw and also pick up items, thus obtaining a tiny reward because that taking claimed actions. Examine spoiler for trigger events.Spoiler:
A) choose up poke coins. You"ll get added +200, +500 or +1000 Poke right into Duskull bank if you have actually 100 (but B) choose up/Throwing items. For all items interacted with (except for Poke coins) player profit +10 Poke come their bank savings.C) damages dealt/taken. You get +20 Poke because that each your/enemy hp lose from all existing sources.
2."Floor booty modifier"
Replaces item on current floor with ones specified for slot. First 5 slots included on the list.


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