Eve Dubois, perhaps much more than anyone, is now going to forever remember that Popeye's energy rise comes from spinach.

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Eve Dubois reacts as soon as she realizes her answer to be wrong and also she shed the possibility to play because that $10,000. (Family Feud Canada/jajalger2018.org)

Remember the line native Popeye's well known song, "I'm solid to the finich 'cause i eats me chicken?"

No, no one does, due to the fact that it isn't a thing.

But night Dubois, perhaps more than anyone, is currently going to forever psychic Popeye's energy an increase comes indigenous spinach.

The young mrs from the town of Lorette, simply southeast the Winnipeg, appeared with her family on the nationally transfer jajalger2018.org video game show Family Feud Canada on Thursday.

In a sudden death moment — through one family moving on come play because that a opportunity at $10,000 — Dubois challenged off versus Logan Tomlin from Waterloo, Ont.


Eve Dubois's family members reacts after ~ she reply 'chicken' come a question around Popeye's favourite food. (Family Feud Canada/jajalger2018.org)

The winner would be whoever buzzed in first and gave the correct answer. Hold Gerry Dee collection the stage and delivered the question: Name Popeye's favourite food.

With the confidence of a champion and also the swagger the a peacock, Dubois slapped the buzzer an initial and delivered her prize in a sing-songy voice.

"Chickennnnn," she said, breaking into a celebratory shoulder shimmy and also dance.

Clearly she assumed she nailed it.

Only, she wasn't thinking of the cartoon character sailor man. Dubois believed it was the Popeyes chain that fried chicken rapid food restaurants.

The moment she realized she'd let go the mark?

It wasn't the audience laughter or Dee bending over and lowering his head. Dubois preserved smiling and also shimmying through every one of that.

It was "when i looked in ~ my mom and she offered me the fatality glare," Dubois told jajalger2018.org Radio Noon hold Marjorie Dowhos on Friday. "I to be like, what did i do? What's wrong, why aren't friend clapping because that me?

"I believed I was going house with the win."

Her mother was leaning forward, shoulders shrugged and also palms-up in a "what the …?" gesture. She sister had her hand pressed versus her head in disbelief.

"Then i realized I entirely messed up," Dubois said.


Eve Dubois looks back at her household as Logan Tomlin appropriately answers through 'spinach.' (Family Feud Canada/jajalger2018.org)

Still smiling, she sheepishly walked ago to her family members after Logan effectively answered, sending out his household to the last round.

"I think anyone was simply kind the shocked and also a little upset," Dubois said around her family. "They were like, 'what to be you thinking?' and I was like, ns don't think i was thinking. It kind of simply came out and also when I'm nervous i dance."

Dubois stated she is well familiar with Popeye the sailor and watched the cartoons as a kid.

"That's the sad part. I know precisely who that is and I understand he loves spinach.… In mine head, I believed the concern was, 'what's the most famed thing come eat at Popeyes,'" she said.

"I wasn't listening. I simply wanted to hit that buzzer therefore hard."

The other funny part — she's never eaten at Popeyes.

That might change, though — later on Thursday, the restaurant chain reached out to Dubois ~ above Twitter, giving her $10,000 worth of fried chicken.

sublimevey! ours survey states you got that right. DM us to case your $10,000 worth of Popeyes. #LoveThatChickenFromPopeyes https://t.co/OeCQYsG875 pic.twitter.com/LlfyaY83n7


A clip the Dubois's answer has actually swept with social media, showing up on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and also anywhere else civilization share content.

"I'm feeling great, and also shocked to be honest," Dubois said Friday, responding come the famous explosion of she clip.

She has actually been therefore inundated with phone calls and emails that she had actually to take Friday off from job-related to attend to the attention.

"It's insane. I've been up because 6 a.m.," she said, noting the calls room coming native media in Canadian and United States.

"I had Bubbles, native Trailer Park Boys, tweet me."

Another tweet came from comedian drew Carey, organize of the U.S.-based TV game show The Price Is Right, that said, "I honestly can't get sufficient of this one."


Eve Dubois, right, describes where her mind go when household Feud Canada hold Gerry Dee inquiry the question. (Family Feud Canada/jajalger2018.org)

Even though she knows the exactly answer now, Dubois has actually been reassured by friends who believed she nailed it, too.

"Most world agree with me. They stated that that's what they would have said," Dubois said.

And finest of all, her family has forgiven her.

"My mommy said it's the best thing that could've occurred out the the worst situation," Dubois said.

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