puddle Of Mudd"s Wes Scantlin has responded to the mockery of his Nirvana cover speak "jealousy is toxic, and toxic human being are a garbage of time."



U.S. Alternative rockers puddle Of Mudd newly attempted come cover Nirvana’s ‘About A Girl’, and also it took off together being wildly bad. Now, frontman Wes Scantlin has responded come the josh of his vocals by saying that “jealousy is toxic, and toxic world are a waste of time.”

In January, pond Of Mudd featured live on SiriusXM extending a Nirvana song. Because that a lengthy while, that went virtually unnoticed in the net world. However, through quarantine providing world with heaps of time for YouTube deep-diving, it resurfaced, and was subject to fairly a bit of teasing.

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Now, as singer Wes Scantlin has actually seen his cover walk viral end the course of a week, he’s required to Instagram come speak out about the recent, unwanted publicity.

“Rise above others who shot and take it you down…,” that begins, although comment popped up conveniently that the should just “show some strength and also admit” the the sheathe wasn’t good, whereby as others listed that human being may have actually forgotten that cut Cobain offered “to execute shows badly and also on intentionally shit,” and that the may have been the standpoint pond Of Mudd to be trying to go with.

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Rise over others who try and take you down… ns at my best NOW… and that’s all the matters. Ns pray for every one of you due to the fact that we care. Jealousy is toxic, and also toxic people are a waste of time. We walk away v nothing yet a smile 😜🔥🤘🏻#riseabove #puddleofmudd #mybestlife #love #sober #soberlife #toxicpeoplesuck #familycomesfirst #music #success #goodvibesonly #werock #famous #ourfansarebetterthanyours #rock #rockmusic #alternative #alternativerock #alternativerockmusic #alternativerockband #rockmusic


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A write-up shared by puddle OF MUDD (
puddleofmudd1) on Apr 19, 2020 at 6:17am PDT

“I’m at my best NOW…,” Scantlin continues, “and that’s all the matters.”

In a last attempt to display that he’s do the efforts to take the high roadway in the middle of the unpleasantness he’s received, that states: “I pray for all of you since we care. Jealousy is toxic, and toxic human being are a waste of time. Us walk away with nothing yet a SMILE.”

If this sounds familiar, you can recall once Imagine Dragon copped a lot of criticism from The smashing Pumpkins, Slayer, and also Slipknot, inciting the band to release a statement the they didn’t feeling angered by comments around their band, simply upset.

“I wish it felt choose a ar where artist stood by each other and supported one an additional – nevertheless of our various tastes and also voices,” Imagine dragon stated.

Whichever way you want to watch it, the cover Scantlin sang for SiriusXM features widely incoherent verses, and also shows the singer straining to obtain the notes out, repeatedly, while the remainder of the tape looks top top in confusion.

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Check out Puddle that Mudd extending ‘About A Girl’ through Nirvana:

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