While a pairing between RC Cola and also MoonPies sound a little out the the ordinary, the marriage has been happy and also well due to the fact that the 1930s. Coined as "The working Man"s Lunch" a meal of one RC Cola and a MoonPie would placed you earlier a dime, make these 2 treats affordable to any kind of coal miner or laborer.

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The 2 iconic American staples haven"t always gone hand-in-hand. In fact, RC Cola to be created nearly fifteen years after the MoonPie. V their factories in Chattanooga, Tennessee andColumbus, Georgia their courtship was more of a long-distance affair. But prior to we obtain too far, let"s acquire the totality story of your budding relationship.

Back in 1902 theChattanooga Bakery in Chattanooga, Tennessee to be at the peak of production. Offering over 150 different assets like Vanilla Wafers and Graham Crackers, the bakery was thriving. The wasn"t till a few years later Mr. Earl Mitchell, Sr., a bakery salesman picked up the idea to make MoonPies indigenous a save that charcoal miners frequented. Questioning a Kentucky coal miner, Mitchell wonder what type of snack that would like to eat. That replied, thinking about a rapid snack come grab when holding increase his hand to show he want the snack to it is in "as large as the moon".

Once ago in the factory, the bakery made decision to obtain to work developing a brand-new snack. The factory workers would periodically dip the graham crackers into marshmallow and Mitchell jumped in v an idea that sandwiching the marshmallow between two graham crackers and covering it through a coco coating.

The initial MoonPie ended up being an immediate hit. New varieties the the treat started popping up prefer the mini MoonPie, the double-decker MoonPie, and even a cacao MoonPie do with cacao flavored marshmallow.

Whichever flavor human being preferred, the American southern wasn"t the only place where civilization fell madly in love with MoonPies. Japan, where moons are taken into consideration sacred, dropped in love with the coco treat.

MoonPies in Mardi Gras

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And the love doesn"t stop there. There are countless festivals across the south that celebrate MoonPies and also host MoonPie eat contests, however, the most renowned celebration that offers MoonPies is none various other than Mardi Gras. The tradition started at a Mardi Gras parade in Mobile, Alabama as soon as parade-throwers made decision to throw the end something other than beads into the crowd.

Smaller 보다 the Cracker Jack box (which were banned because of hurting parade-goers) the mini MoonPie ended up being the standard treat thrown in ~ the Mardi Gras parade in both mobile and new Orleans. With all this talk about MoonPies, I almost forgot about the various other half-RC Cola!

The history of RC Cola

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Born in Columbus, Georgia, RC Cola was produced due to differences with Coca-Cola. Claud Hatcher, a pharmacist, and also grocer, asked their regional Coca-Cola salesperson if he could get a discount since he buys so lot of the drink. Coca-Cola said no, and with that, Hatcher vowed to never ever buy the stuff again.

He invested months comes up v the perfect soda formula and also finally arrived on Royal Crown Ginger Ale. Coming to be popular, the family shut down the grocery store and focused ~ above the soda brand (which ran under the surname Nehi after ~ Coca-Cola sued), inventing sodas prefer Nehi and Chero-Cola. Climate the great Depression came. Like countless businesses, the financial turmoil caused a drop in sales and to make matters worse, Claud Hatcher died, leaving the company in the hands ofsales director, H.R. Mott.

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Once Mott took over the formula because that the cola was changed as well as the name. RC Cola to be no longer an infringement ~ above Coca-Cola and also the product started to market all across the South, mostly paired v MoonPies as a great Depression snack.

RC and also Moonpie: A enhance Made in southerly Heaven


From over there on, imperial Crown Cola and also MoonPies became the social icons because that the working-class. Neither of the two brands had ever determined to pair the two products together but rather it to be the job-related of the southerly culture.

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So turn on this Bill Lister country tune, unwrap your MoonPie and also pop open up your party of RC Cola- It"s time come indulge on this southerly classic.

Homemade Moonpies

Have you ever wanted to make your own graham cracker cookies filled with marshmallow? follow this cooking recipes to make your very own Moonpies in ~ home and also take component in this southerly tradition. That knows, you might have the ability to bake the World"s largest Moonpie if you have a big enough oven!