Does anyone know how Reebok shoe sizes to compare to Nikes or Pumas? I want to get a pair pairs that the Reebok Nano 2.0s however I typically wear Nikes or Pumas. Ns haven"t discovered a store approximately that selling the Nanos for me to shot on.

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I occupational for Reebok, and also my Nanos are the dimension I constantly wear in every one of my Reebok shoes. It"s typically a fifty percent size up from Nike. The closest Reebok shoe that you can discover in shop to it is the Flex, so if you can shot on one of those that would certainly be helpful. I will say though the I"ve had some customers select to walk up a fifty percent size from what they normally wear after trying the Nanos on, but they have actually such a broad toe crate I had actually plenty that room and no must go up. Sorry because that the combined answer but it really has been varied. Room you in the US? I deserve to let you know if there"s a store close to you that carries the Nanos.
Yeah i can"t number it the end either. I"m a 7.5 in Nike however a 8 in puma. If ns went a 1/2 size up or under in either one it no work.Is over there a slot ~ above the website whereby I can search for where Nanos space located? I arrangement on obtaining two or 3 pairs.
I want to to buy reebok lifter 2 and I will order it internationally. Never ever wore Reebok before, return we have actually here reebok stores however for regular shoes, is the the exact same as running reebok shoes in regards to sizing? 
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