Frankie Goes to Hollywood relax Sex Mix Uncensored 12" Maxi FGTH through vinylmeister. Offered under a creative Commons CC BY-NC 2.0 license.

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(Very poor artist’s impression. Couldn’t uncover a an imaginative Commons photo of the original.)

Frankie say relax.

Frankie speak say.

Frankie to speak say, not says.

Most replicas and rip-offs of the initial T-shirt don’t say say, they say says – FRANKIE says RELAX. The duplicates can’t cope through the incongruity the say.

The dissonance of to speak jars your brain out that autopilot. It pressures you come consciously face its logic and therefore that is meaning. Frankie is in the plural. Frankie is a they not a he.

So what does to speak say? Say claims we. Say claims us. Say claims solidarity. Say says unanimity. Say claims a lot.

Frankie wring (not wrings) a lot of of meaning from a solitary word.



It is a stylish fantasy in the declaring industry come talk around a brand ‘owning’ the theoretical territory that defines its market. This means that, in the minds of consumers, a brand is indelibly and also irreplaceably associated with the most powerful motivating idea for its audience. This motivating concepts tend to be broad, generic and captured through a single word — togetherness, family, softness, strength and so on. Persil would certainly love come ‘own’ whiteness for instance. Perhaps, back in the day, Heineken can justifiably claim to ‘own’ refreshment. Yet such success stories room exceptional. Ownership takes chutzpah and hubris, which many brands don’t have.

‘See exactly how every brand in this industry is marketing comfort? Well, posesthe them with an uncomfortable sharp stick. Comfort is ours. We room the lull fucking masters.’

Brands absence the crucial arrogance and also aggression. Brands have actually commitment issues. They don’t commit to ideas that reduced through. And they nothing commit come a single idea over time. They play safe and also fickle. Many brands absence the zeal that the ownership of an idea requires.

Frankie surfeited top top zeal. Castle overcommitted come every idea they ever before had, it is in it war, love, pleasure, or sex & horror.

And Frankie own (not owns) the broad, generic, single-word concept of RELAX. If did you do it heard the song, Frankie have recorded your imagination, accurate so, in a neuroscientific way. The memorability and repetition the the lyrics, coupled v your awareness the your relationship with the tune is component of a mass, well-known consciousness, do it inescapable that plenty of of your brain’s neural network associations for the word RELAX will relate come this song and also this band. There is nothing you have the right to do about. Other than maybe hypnosis.

RelaxDon’t do itWhen you wanna come

Relax has actually aged well, much better than a lot of of popular music of its time. It doesn’t sound dated. Yet it is a time capsule nonetheless, not of musical style yet of social permissiveness.

There is an yearly ceremony in Antarctica to change the steel short article that clues the place of the geographic south pole. The ice cream sheet in ~ the Pole drifts by about ten metres each year, and so a new marker is put in the true position each new Year’s Day. There is a line of markers because that previous years that map the movement of the ice over time. There is no them the direction and the range of change would be imperceptible.

Culture drifts like polar ice. We don’t an alert it happening under our feet, and also so we need markers to remind us of the degree to which things have changed over time. Be safe is a cultural marker post. It is a discontinuity, a step adjust every bit as far-ranging as the very first scripted use of “fuck” ~ above BBC television.

Looking ago it’s hard to think that over there was once some ambiguity around the definition of this song. How might it possibly have been about anything other than sex? well them was more innocent time so lock was. The working presumption was the pop acts would certainly play through the rule if they wanted radio airplay. And also the rules of the moment would most definitely have creates lyrics around sexual climax. Be sure drove a bus v the rules and took full brazen benefit of the naivety the that working assumption.

Relax invaded the airwaves under covering of a PR smokescreen. Follow to the press release the song was about motivation and achieving success, a far-fetched illusion who tissue-thin veneer of credibility was based on a tiny subset of lyrics.

Live those dreamsScheme those schemes

When Frankie talked about coming, they expected in the sense of arriving, of break through. Of food they did.

Make make it your intention

Hats turn off to the Frankie and the ZTT records team for maintaining a right face. Castle pulled off a scally cheat of epos proportions. However the charade didn’t critical long. The track is peppered through guttural utterances, ecstatic moans and also lyrics like, “I’m coming, ah!” i beg your pardon all type of give the video game away. Once you view Relax because that what the is, it’s hard to think you could have checked out it together anything else.


Legend has it that Mike review lifted the needle mid-record as soon as the penny lastly dropped, furious one of two people at the band, or at self for gift a hapless filth mule, an unwitting host organism for a depravity parasite.

The be sure episode features prominently in Read’s Wikipedia entry, return he speak a somewhat various story. Either way the banning that Relax showed to be a standard example of the maxim the there is no such point as negative publicity, helping to propel it come №1 in the UK singles chart.

Most civilization will swear remote that the second situation in i m sorry Frankie want (not wants) you to relax is when you want to amount say it come it, every little thing ‘it’ and also ‘it’ are.

RelaxDon’t execute itWhen girlfriend wanna sock it to it

But over there is an alternative version, native the horse’s mouth, the fits the relax narrative so beautifully the it is what ns shall always hear once I hear to the song.

When you wanna suck it, chew it

I think us all understand what ‘it’ is in the version.

I’ve tried come lip-read Holly Johnson singing this heat on assorted Relax videos, yet it functions equally well v either lyric in mind. And, really, that cares if the just an additional piece of mischievous, produced legend? that perfect. As is the po-faced quote native Derek Chinnery, the controller of Radio 1 at the time (see the “alternative version” attach above).

Relax is simple and devastatingly effective. There are not many lyrics to create a love letter to. Two imperatives — Relax! Don’t carry out it! One heat of context — once you wanna come. That’s an ext or much less it. Be safe is brief on lyrics, lengthy on (verbal) emissions. The is a repertoire of petites morts.

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In an interview dubbed One February Friday top top the B side of the 12 inch version of 2 Tribes, Brian Nash talks around the function of Frankie the band, behind Holly Johnson the singer.