First introduced in 1955 together the design 740A, in 1960 it was readjusted to design 742 and introduced in many calibers, including .30-06, .243, .308 and also .280 REM. Made in various deluxe and also presentation grades. Us manufacture one oversize 10-shot magazine for the calibers listed. The magazine will certainly not organize the slide open up on the last round because that the 7600 collection rifle. Fits new model 750 however will not organize slide earlier on critical round.

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Item Details

Action Type: Semi-Auto

Capacity: 10-Round

Finish: Black

Material: Steel

Quantity: 1

Fit: Remington 740, 742, 7400, 750, 760, 7600 Rifles


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Quality magazine - Remington 742

Posted by Jim top top 30th jan 2021

The 2 10 ring magazines work perfectly in mine 742 and are fine made. They to be well-packed and I got them in a fashionable manner. I plan on coming ago when looking for replacement/supplemental magazines for firearms.

A an excellent value

Posted by Lou ~ above 28th january 2021

I haven't fired that yet, don't really desire to garbage ammo, however I cycled v some rounds and it functions well because that a lot much less than I’ve checked out them somewhere else for the classic 4 round mag. Going to buy one more one.

Not perfect yet OK

Posted by beat on 20th Dec 2020

Mag was an extremely tight fit make it difficult to insert. This was resulted in by a burr on the retention tab that had actually to be filed down. Additionally there to be burrs on the within of the mag lips that required to it is in removed and mold speed on the plastic follower yet once it was tuned up functions ok.

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Well made and best of all it fits without any problem.

Posted by David Stroup top top 21st Nov 2020

Functions well, good magazine.

Great assets

Posted by Kurtis Lynn ~ above 20th Nov 2020

Bought 2clips for my 280 1954 742 and also they fit perfect.

Like manufacturing facility

Posted by Larry on 1st Nov 2020

The clip fits as with factory except holds an ext ammo. Nice stole quality. Looks favor it should host up well.

They not work an extremely well through my rifle

Posted through Unknown on 14th Sep 2020

Don't favor to cycle v my rifle and the spring sticks towards the tip finish of the bullet, I've made adjustments to them and I'll have to keep making adjustments to them due to the fact that they work semi-good in mine non-scoped rifle witch is newer

Good American do product

Posted by David Stievenart ~ above 13th Sep 2020

I have actually wanted a 10 ring mag. Because that my woods understand 30-06 for some time now, to buy mags had them in stock and also at a great price, they occupational great, watch good, great shipping time gained them quick!!

exactly as I had actually imagined them to it is in

Posted by Jeffrey McLane on fifth Sep 2020

Well made, duty perfectly in every way except when I an initial tried to insert and remove them and also after 5 or 6 tries lock loosened up and work perfectly. Just like a wife you got a breaker in prior to she functions right!