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remington version 4 Help!!!
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February 10, 2012, 10:45 AM#1

ok, i have actually a remington model 4 with a 22" octagon, rifled barrelit is chambered in 22 short or long, it has actually the take down "lever" top top the appropriate side serial number is 298,207.i desire to find out some details on it. I referred to as remington and also they date it to 1928 however some online research conflicts with the yeardoes everyone know around these rifles?

February 10, 2012, 07:43 PM#2

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AFAIK, Remington make 356,000 #4 rifles between 1890 & 1933 in 5 variations:The version 4 Solid framework The version 4 Takedown (Lever)The enhanced Model 4 Takedown (Knob) The No.4S boy Scout RifleThe No.4S military RifleThe #4 to be the the smallest of the Remington roll Blocks, and is easiest ID"d due to the fact that it"s the just rifle w/o a lower action tang - and additionally the only RB v screws as breechblock & FP pivots, ILO pins.They were originally chambered just for rimfire cartridges that the day: 22 Short, 22 Long, 22 lengthy Rifle, 25 Stevens (.25-10"), .32 RF Short, and also .32 RF Long.AFAIK, every solid frame, and early takedown rifles had tapered octagon barrels; later on takedowns had round barrels.The octagon & ring bbls were either 22-1/2" or 24" long, the BS & military Rifle had actually a 28" bbl w/bbl band & sling swivels.There to be approx 144,000 solid framework Model 4"s created during the period 1890 - 1899. Some details exists claiming that solid framework production might have extended into 1901.Early No.4 lever Take-Down Sporting Rifles were made indigenous 1901-1924 (known SN"s 168525 - 318726) -Production of around 170,000 Rifles, before the switch to the later, knob-style takedown.You can exterpolate native the assorted datum points, compared to the SN of her rifle, to almost right it"s DOM - but remember, many makers made guns widely the end of sequence, and in your case very early (ca 1901-24) lever takedown receiver can have hung about the parts bins long enough to get assembled & serial numbered in 1928, simply as the device (Remington) say that was once they did it..