How to change Neutral security Switch 00-03 Chevy Suburban 1500

Watch this video clip to learn how to deal with your shifter if that won’t transition into drive, or your vehicle won’t start. The professionals at 1A Auto present how to replace the neutral safety and security switch on her 00-03 Chevy Suburban.

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Make sure the transmission is in neutral Jack up and secure the car on jack stands index the drive pillar with a marker because that reinstallation table of contents the boot on the rear of the drive tower with a marker reduced the dust boot clamp at the rear of the drive obelisk with pliers Peel back and popular music the boot off have an assistant organize the driveshaft in place or brace it through a pry bar eliminate the 11mm bolts at the front of the driveshaft different the former of the driveshaft indigenous the transmission and let that hang separate the rear of the driveshaft native the splines traction the driveshaft down and also out starting
Disconnect the connectors from the transmission variety switch Pop off the end of the cable through side cutter Clamp ~ above the backside of the selector tower with vise grips organize the grips and also remove the nut on the finish of the selector pillar with a 15mm socket and ratchet remove the vise grips Wiggle the eight off of the selector pillar Remove the 2 13mm bolts from the switch and also plate slide the switch off of the selector column
Clean off the surface of the selector pillar with a cable brush slide the sensor onto the pillar Tighten the 13mm bolts pop the device off the switch push on the arm Tighten the 15mm nut v vise grips and a socket and also ratchet Reinstall the cable islet by pinching the in through pliers Reinstall the 2 connectors
lift the new driveshaft into place starting with the rear Align the index on the rear Align the table of contents on the prior Tighten the 11mm bolts come the prior of the driveshaft organize the drive shaft with a pry bar torque the bolts come 19 foot-pounds in a crossing pattern replace the dust boot clamp and also crimp it

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Tools essential for replacement

basic Tools

Jack Stands

Wire Brush

Floor Jack

Materials, Fluids, and Supplies

Marker / composing Utensil

Pliers, Cutters & misc Wrenches

Channel-Lock Pliers

Side Cutters

Ratchets & associated

Socket Extensions

Torque Wrench


Screwdrivers & connected

Pry Bar

Flat blade Screwdriver

Sockets - Metric

12mm Socket

13mm Socket

14mm Socket

15mm Socket

11mm Socket

Hi, I"m Mike indigenous We"ve been selling auto parts for end 30 years! We"re specialized to delivering top quality auto parts, expert customer service, and also fast and complimentary shipping, every backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee. Therefore visit united state at, your trusted source for top quality auto parts. In this video, we"re walk to it is in working with our 2002 Chevy Suburban 5.3 liter V8. We"re walk to display you how to remove and also replace the transmission range sensor, also known together a neutral safety, or reverse switch. If you like this video, please click subscribe. We have a ton more information top top this and also many various other vehicles, and also if you require this component for your car, you can follow the link down in the summary over to Below are the items you"ll need for this repair: jack and also jack stands, paint pen or marker, next cutters, flat blade screwdriver, pry bar, 11-15mm socket, ratchet, socket extension, locking pliers, pliers, wire brush, talk wrenchBefore remove the front bolts on her driveshaft, make sure that your vehicle"s transmission is in neutral. Raise and support her vehicle. We"re making use of a background to do it much easier to present you men what"s going on at home, however this job can conveniently be excellent in the driveway or her garage v a jack and jack stands.Your former driveshaft is located here in between the front differential and the transfer situation flange on the driver"s next of the transmission. If you"re walk to be reinstalling her old driveshaft, you"ll have to index it to make sure it goes ago in the same way it come out. Execute this by illustration a heat on the flange and also the driveshaft with a repaint marker. Reduced the clamp on the dust boot through a pair of side cutters. It helps to twist as soon as you"re cutting these, and also just type of snap lock off. Eliminate the clamp and peel earlier the boot. You may need a level blade driver to assist pop the boot off. As soon as the boot"s peeled off, we"ll table of contents the yoke to the next of our transfer situation housing. Rod a pry bar in in between the forks that the yoke and also the driveshaft, and also brace it against your torsion bar. You can then loosen the bolts v an 11 millimeter socket ratchet and extension. Move the U joint strap. Revolve your driveshaft 180 degrees and also reinstall the pry bar. Remove the continuing to be two 11 millimeter bolts.If her driveshaft is rusty favor ours is, you may need to usage a pry bar to eliminate the driveshaft indigenous the yoke. Sometimes they will certainly come the end by hand. Relocate it the end of the way of the yoke and slide it out of the transport case. With the driveshaft out of the way, you have the right to now access your transmission range switch. Disconnect the connectors by lifting up on the tab and also releasing castle from their sockets. We"ll just hang those the end of the method for now. Slide a pair of side cutters behind the finish of the cable and pop the off. Utilizing a small pair of angry grips, clamp top top the backside the the selector shaft on her transmission and hold the vice grips and use a 15 mm socket ratchet to remove the seed on the end of the selector shaft. You can then remove your angry grips and wiggle the eight off of the selector shaft. You have the right to now eliminate the two 13mm bolts securing the switch and plate to the transmission through the 13mm socket and also ratchet. Now normally, you should have the ability to just slide it turn off of the selector shaft, however ours has actually a ton that rust develop up top top it, for this reason we"re going to have to pry that off, which is walking to rest the switch. It"s no huge deal since we"re here to replace it. Eliminate it indigenous the vehicle.Here we have the old transmission variety sensor the we gotten rid of from our vehicle, and our new part native As you can see, these parts are precisely the exact same with the very same backing plate, exact same sensor body, exact same two electric connectors on the backside, and the same dial below which is in reality what her selector shaft rotates come tell the move which position its in. It even comes through a brand-new alignment device which keeps this in the correct position, so we have the right to bolt the down, over there is a small adjustment top top the feet here, for this reason it sits in precisely the ideal place, and also then us pop that off and we understand that our sensor is calibrated and adjusted correctly. If your old sensor has broken and also is staying clear of your car from starting when it"s in park or neutral, or her reverse lamp aren"t kicking on once you"re in reverse, this part could be in ~ fault, and also this new part native 1A Auto will certainly go in direct fit, just like your initial equipment and fix you up right. You can now usage a cable brush or a paper to remove every one of that construct up and also corrosion native the selector tower to make certain your new switch walk on smoothly. When the selector obelisk is cost-free of burs and also debris, closely slide the sensor earlier on. Currently that small alignment device that comes on over there will help align these slotted holes, therefore our sensor sits precisely where we desire it to. As soon as that"s in, tighten down two 13mm bolts. As soon as it"s tightened down, merely pop the device off, re-install your selector lever, i m sorry is additionally keyed, so that"ll only go ago on one way, and the 15mm nut. This doesn"t really require a many torque, but should tho clamp onto it with your evil grips just to save it native turning, potentially damaging the switch while girlfriend snug it up. Reinstall the cable eyelet. You might want to use a pair of pliers to just closely pop the on there and make sure it"s fully seated, the it doesn"t just fall off on you, and re-install her two electrical connectors.Reinstall the splined-end of her driveshaft into the transport case. Then collection the alignment marks on your driveshaft, and reinstall the strap and also the 11 millimeter bolts. Place the pry bar back inside of the yoke and also torque the 11 millimeter bolts to 19 foot-pounds. Remove your pry bar and rotate the driveshaft 180 degrees. Her transmission must still be in neutral, and repeat these steps. Download a brand-new clamp approximately the boot. The way these ones work-related is friend loop it around and then hook the over, and also I"ll present you how to crimp it. You acquire it hooked onto itself prefer that and also then use a pair of next cutters. If friend don"t have actually a crimping tool like this, set it over the edge of the crimp and then pinch it down nice and tight. If you"re making use of side cutters, it"s necessary to be careful here and also not go too tight, or you"ll just reduced through it.Thanks because that watching. Visit united state at for quality auto parts, quick and free shipping, and the finest customer company in the industry.