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It just won"t go off. I"ve done it a few times too. It speak me finish SIA however it stays on, little liar. Any type of experience through this? I"m having actually my DME flashed shortly for a SC so i assume that will clear that up... Right? :banghead:
What trouble codes are bring about the light to come on? till you fix the problem, the light will continue to reappear. Just how did you effort to reset it?
What problem? I checked all the company items yet the irradiate is one interval light, not a sensor light together I recognize it. Am i wrong?I reset that by placing the ignition in accessory position and holding the odometer switch for 5 seconds, the screen changes, release and also then hold again because that 5 seconds. That flashes, release and click it once.
i had actually the very same thing occur ... Type of ... Ses light come on since the thermostat failed. I changed the whole cooling mechanism ... Afterwards, to "reset it", i disconnected the battery overnight. The next morning, the light automatically came on as soon as i started her up. Climate after driving it because that 5 minutes, shutting she down, and starting it earlier up ... Voila, that magically rotate off.

What problem? I confirm all the company items but the irradiate is one interval light, no a sensor light as I recognize it. Am i wrong?I reset it by placing the ignition in accessory position and holding the odometer button for 5 seconds, the display screen changes, release and then organize again for 5 seconds. It flashes, release and also click that once.

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No, the SES light shows a problem. There space no company interval lights. The company interval (miles come oil change, inspection, etc) is displayed in the digital screen in the cluster wherein your mileage, exterior temp, and so on are displayed. If the SES light is on, you need to scan because that DTCs through an OBDII or Peake scan tool.Did you perform some job-related to your auto before the light came on? If so, what?
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