In both the play and also the film, the early presence that the Ghost and its revelation that Claudius’s misdeeds set Hamlet on the route of revenge. In the play, Hamlet seeks out the Ghost, needs answers native him, and also is prepared to take revenge with tiny convincing. In the film, the Ghost seeks out Hamlet and Hamlet is displayed as being scared, hesitant, and forced into taking revenge. When the beat depicts Hamlet as wanting to listen and also to serve the justice the ghost demands, the film emphasizes Hamlet’s later on hesitation to take it revenge by showing him together timid and also overpowered by the Ghost an extremely early on.

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At the very beginning that 1.5, ~ seeking out the Ghost because that himself and following him, Hamlet needs that the ghost stop and “Speak. ’ll go no / further” (1.5.1-2) and also reassures the Ghost the “ bound to hear” (1.5.11). Hamlet desires answers from the Ghost and he demands to be given what that wants. Even though the Ghost speaks the bulk of the conversation in the scene, Hamlet is the one who pressures the conversation to happen by seek the Ghost out in the an initial place. Hamlet also confirms the he will acquire revenge at an early stage in the scene. As shortly as the Ghost states that if Hamlet ever before loved him, he should, “Revenge his foul and also most unnatural murder” (1.5.31), his an answer is, “with wings as swift / … / might sweep to mine revenge” (1.5.35-37). At this suggest in the conversation, the Ghost has actually only revealed that he is Hamlet’s father and that he was murdered. Hamlet does not know any type of details yet, however by the Ghost just confirming his identity, he already wants come listen and obey. Hamlet desires to avenge his father, saying the “ commandment alone candlestick live / in ~ the book and also volume that brain” (1.5.109-110). When this attitude does adjust later on, throughout this act, Hamlet is poised and ready to take revenge.

The corresponding scene in the film takes place in Hamlet’s room. That wakes up on his couch and also looks out of the window, only to notice the Ghost standing on the balcony. Hamlet progressively walks over to the door, suggesting hesitation top top his part to believe what that is seeing. In ~ 0:21:25, Hamlet gradually opens the door, but stands in the means so the Ghost cannot gain through. That stares at the Ghost because that a moment before the Ghost asks permission to get in by saying “Mark me.” (0:21:33). Hamlet responds with a timid “I will” (0:21:37) prior to stepping beside and allowing the Ghost come enter. Hamlet appears afraid the the Ghost and also what he needs to say. This sets up the expectation the we space going to view Hamlet shot to withstand the Ghost quite than adopt it together he go in the play.


The first shot (0:23:17) is a medium close-up the Hamlet and the Ghost. The Ghost has confirmed that the is Hamlet’s father and has just started to phone call Hamlet that he was murdered. The Ghost is advertise Hamlet down and also into the window behind him, which creates his strength over Hamlet. Hamlet is largely blocked by the curtain and also by his father, which lessens his duty in the conversation. Most of Hamlet’s conversation is cut from the scene, including his line, “with wings as swift / … / may sweep to mine revenge” (1.5.35-37), which additionally diminishes his function as fine as says that he is also afraid to respond to this contact to action. The backlit curtain extending Hamlet additionally suggests a comforting ignorance ~ above his part. The fear expression on his confront makes that seem choose he wants to remain uninformed about what really occurred to his father if the will store him safe and also in the light. The Ghost is exposed, surrounded by shadows and a dark city, arguing the cold, dark nature the his world, a human being that Hamlet does not desire to be a part of.


The second shot (0:24:04) is an additional medium shoot of Hamlet and also the Ghost as the Ghost recounts his murder. Hamlet tries to earlier away together the Ghost pursues him and also literally and figuratively backs him right into a wall. Hamlet and also the Ghost are fairly centered in the frame, emphasizing their central role in the conflict. Hamlet is half-covered by the wall as the tries to earlier out the the frame, indicating the he go not desire to gain involved. The negative space roughly the Ghost emphasizes that he is dead and can no longer play one active function in the conflict, make it vital for him come manipulate Hamlet into taking revenge. For Hamlet, the negative space emphasizes the his father’s death has currently isolated him. It likewise suggests that this knowledge about Claudius’s crime and possibly avenging his father might further this isolation.


The last shot (0:24:59) is a high-angle, close-up shooting of Hamlet. The Ghost is looking down on him together he continues to tell Hamlet exactly how he was murdered. Even though Hamlet bring away up many of the frame, his placing under the Ghost emphasizes that the Ghost is in control. The step is lit from the best side, putting fifty percent of Hamlet’s face in the light and the other half in the shadows, emphasizing Hamlet’s interior struggle that what he must do in the situation. The is visually scared of what the Ghost is saying, and also seems to not desire any component in this conflict, but he additionally feels a familial duty come avenge his father. He stays silent as the Ghost finishes speaking, no confirming no one rejecting his feasible role in his father’s revenge.

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While the play depicts Hamlet as prepared to listen and also act on behalf of the Ghost in the moment, just to hesitate later on, the film reflects Hamlet as doubtful from the beginning. The Ghost overpowers Hamlet in the scene, making him feel like obtaining revenge is something he requirements to do. Hamlet, however, is uncertain and also afraid of what obtaining revenge way for him.