If you want to rotate off safe Chat, yet don"t know how, check out our advice below. This short article will show you to change your settings successfully.

What is safe Chat?

Safe conversation is a function in Roblox that enables players to interact in the Roblox video game chat v moderated protection. The filters the exist in safe chat store players native revealing personal information, favor names or addresses. Players through safe chat on also have heavier censoring than the median Roblox player.

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How to rotate Off safe Chat

If you room under 13, friend cannot rotate off for sure chat. If you room over 13 and also want to turn off chat, head come the My Roblox feature. Then, choose Account and also scroll to select Update Parent"s email Address. Hit Update email Address and select the email it need to send to.

Choose Update and go come your email to discover the link. Once clicking on the link, you"ll be required to the Privacy Mode settings. Toggle safe Chat off and click Finish Verification.


If for some reason, the over option doesn"t job-related for you, walk to Help. Then, pick Contact Us and also fill the end the form explaining your issues.

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