Odysseus is a man. He is no a god, however he looks for protection and also assistance from the gods because he knows that it is vital to the survive of himself and also his men. In my opinion, there is a savior god that is Athena, Telemachus refers to her together a “Mentor” (37) and also a tormentor god who is Poseidon, mr of the Earthquake, “where they found the civilization of the seashore sacrificing jet-black bulls for the an effective Poseidon”(30). This quote demonstrates the remarkable power Poseidon bestows. The power of the gods end Odysseus and also the other characters in this ancient novel is really thorough.

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Throughout the story, we see of the god helping and hurting the life of Odysseus. In the start of the story… when the Greek soldiers had returned home from Troy, Odysseus is living on the island of Calypso. Although, they room “lovers” he is being held there against his will since of the wrath that Poseidon. Many think that Odysseus “leads Calypso on”; however, he will certainly not come to be her husband. Although, Calypso and also Odysseus space “lovers” he often longs for his beautiful wife Penelope.

Calypso and Poseidon have actually kept him far from his household for years; therefore, Odysseus is presumed dead by his wife and also the citizens of Ithaca. His absence draws numerous suitors to his home. This suitors look to victory the hand of Penelope, Odysseus’ wife. These events are the in its entirety cause that his son Telemachus’ departure. If no for the action of Calypso, Odysseus would have returned residence without difficulty, no suitors would have actually come, and also Telemachus would have actually no reason to embark looking for his lacking father.

The goddess Athena begs her father Zeus to allow Odysseus to return home. Zeus defines to Athena that Poseidon despises Odysseus because of the duty Odysseus played in the plot to exterminate the eye that the Cyclops Polyphemus. The reason Poseidon is for this reason infuriated by this is since Polyphemus is Poseidon’s son. Therefore, Poseidon maintains a hatred of Odysseus and “will no let him finish his exile”(200) Homer indicates that return Odysseus encounters a great deal that misfortune in his journey, the significant misfortune was the not say of Poseidon and Zeus.

The merged interference of Poseidon and Calypso prevented him from continuing his trip home. Reluctantly, ~ 7 years captive Odysseus receive word that he will be freed. Zeus instructs Hermes come tell Odysseus the in order to reach his home,” he should sail alone, there is no the firm of gods or men”, (155) a message in i beg your pardon Calypso reluctantly agrees. While that is Poseidon’s wrath and also Calypso’s love the keeps that on the island, it is also, the works of Zeus and Hermes that enables Odysseus come leave.

In this case, his journey home is simply as prevent by gods, as the gods permits it. Transparent the novel, the characters attempt come flatter the gods. The personalities understand the their lives depend on the mercy of the gods. In the Odyssey the gods played a critical role come the plot that the story. Throughout Odysseus’s amazing travels, it’s the hope of see Penelope and also his son Telemachus that frequently brings the the courage and strength come succeed.

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Without the assist of Athena, and her wisdom and devotion to Odysseus, his difficulties would be far an ext extreme. Although part gods were versus Odysseus, countless were in favor of him and also his return home. Many of the “battles” he has to fight space the challenges Poseidon throws in ~ him. V water gift the only way back come his residence this difficulty is fare more challenging than the Trojan war itself. Also though Athena theatre a crucial role in Odysseus life, she is can not to safeguard him from the obstacles he encounters with Poseidon and also Calypso.


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