If did you do it grown up in a Spanish speaking household, you understand that a ton of paragraph in Spanish have actually the strangest translations in English. We’re going to suggest out few of the strangest ones the literally make no sense.

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Te esta poniendo los cuernos

If did you do it heard this before, you know it basically way that the human who you’re in a connection with is cheating ~ above you, or you’re telling someone the their partner is cheating top top them.

The translation: put the horns ~ above someone

Sana sana colita de rana, si no sana hoy, sanará mañana

Now I just know you’ve heard this one before. This expression is widely provided in the Latinx neighborhood to administer encouragement to a child when they’ve collapse or gotten hurt. Over there were several sana, sanas in my childhood. Ultimately, the little song is a distraction indigenous the pain. Also, you get a little extra fist from abuela.

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The translation: Heal, heal frogs tail, if you don’t cure today, you’ll heal tomorrow

Ponte ras pilas

This phrase is widely offered to carry out encouragement to someone, basically telling them to acquire it together and also get moving. Once you hear your parents informing you “ponte las pilas”, you know you should hustle.

The translation: placed your battery in


This phrase is usually offered to tell who to watch the end or it is in careful, but many times it is provided in a range of ways in arbitrarily sentences.

The translation: Waters!

Estoy Pedo

This phrase is supplied to emphasize exactly how drunk someone is. Once you hear estoy pedo, you understand they have had a small too many. This phrase is no to be confused with the phrase: ¿Que pedo? i m sorry means: those up?

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The translation: ns fart

No manches/ mames

This expression is offered to say no way, or come tell who to stop messing through you.

The translation: don’t stain/don’t suck

Hija de tu madre

This expression is mainly used together an insult, oftentimes from your own mommy or abuela. It is supplied in the paper definition of someone that is upset v you, kind of prefer the Spanish variation of child of a gun.

¿Que rollo?

This expression is another means of saying what’s up.

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The translation: What roll?

Que hueva

This expression is a method of expressing her laziness or not wanting to perform something.

The translation: what egg

Echar los perros

This phrase is a method of telling someone that they think the or she has actually the hots because that you, or is flirting with you.

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The translation: throw the dog

Que codo

This phrase describes someone that is stingy or doesn’t favor to spend any money. That is comparable to the English version tightwad.

The translation: what elbow

Mandalo por un tubo

This phrase basically method to disregard or ghost someone, not pay attention to them at all. This is generally in the paper definition of someone rejecting a suitor.

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The translation: throw them come a tube

Entre la espada y un pared

This phrase is provided to explain being stuck in a complicated position the is difficult either way. The is the Spanish version of being stuck in between a rock and also a hard place.