The square root of 50 is a number which when multiplied by itself results in 50. Recognize the square root of a number is extremely necessary for recognize the side size of a square from its area. We will now look at how to discover the value of the square root of 50 and also solve some problems to aid give girlfriend a much better understanding.

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Square source of 50: √50 = 7.0710678...Square of 50: 502 = 2500
1.What is the Square root of 50?
2.Is the Square root of 50 rational or Irrational?
3.How to discover the Square root of 50?
4.Challenging Questions 
5.FAQs on Square source of 50

What is the Square source of 50?

The square source of a number is a number which as soon as multiplied by itself, outcomes in the initial number. Because that example, the square root of 25 is 5, together 5 time 5 outcomes in 25. However, friend can likewise have square roots of part numbers that carry out not result in whole numbers, such together 50. We can express the square source of 50 in various ways:

Decimal form: 7.071Radical form: √50 = 5√2Exponent form: 501/2

Is the Square root of 50 reasonable or Irrational?

Looking in ~ the decimal form of the root 50, we watch that that is never ever ending: √50 = 7.0710678118…….Therefore, we can conclude that Square root of 50 is Irrational.

How to uncover the Square root of 50?

There space 2 key methods we usage to find the Square source of 50:

Prime Factorization

Prime Factorization

50 = 2 × 5 × 5 

Next, this can be reduced further to 50 = 2 × 52Finally, to find the source of this from right here it is very easy, 

√50 = √(25 × 2) = 5√2 = 5 × 1.414 = 7.07

Therefore, the Square source of 50 ≅ 7.07

Long Division

Step 1: place a bar end the number 50. We likewise pair the 0s in decimal in bag of 2 native left come right.Step 5: The following divisor will certainly be 140 + 0 and also dividend will certainly be 10000. We continue doing the same actions till we obtain the variety of decimals we require.

So our long division now looks like this: 

Therefore, the Square source of 50 is 7.071

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Challenging Questions

What is the square root of 450?Is -7.071 a root of 50? If yes, why?Find the square root of: 0.5500000

Square root of 50 resolved Examples

Example 1: Kevin wants to buy a square plot i beg your pardon is 50 square feet in area. He plans ~ above fencing the area and also wants to calculate the cost of law so. If the expense per mile the fencing is 40 dollars, find the cost of fencing the whole perimeter the the plot?


First, to calculation the price of fencing we would need the perimeter that the land.To discover the perimeter, we require to find the side length first.Side length is the square root of area because that a square.

Therefore, next length below will it is in √50 = 7.071, and also perimeter 4 time this.Hence, the total cost the fencing = 4 × 7.071 × 40 = $1131.36.

Example 2: Randal is travelling under the highway at an average speed of 5√50 mi/hr for fifty percent an hour. Exactly how much street does he cover?


We must use the formula distance = speed × TimeSpeed = 5√50 = 35.355 mi/hrTime = 0.5 hrUsing the formula, street = 35.355 × 0.5 = 17.677Therefore, Micheal consist of a street of 17.677 miles.

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FAQs on Square source of 50

What is the square source of 50?

The square root of 50 is √50 = 7.071.

What is the square that 50?

The square that 50 is 502 = 2500.

What is the square source of 50 simplified?

The square root of 50 in simplified type is 5√2.

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Is the square source of 50 a rational number?

The square root of 50 is an irrational number together it is non-terminating. It cannot be express in the kind p/q i m sorry is what renders a rational number.