One of the key reasons players love Sims gamings is the wide selection of characters’ personality traits and the means they influence the gameplay. However, periodically you may not choose the traits you have chosen. If you are wondering exactly how to adjust them, we are here to help.

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Drink the potion. A pop-up home window will appear. Pick the characteristics you’d prefer to change.
Type in “cas.fulleditmode” and press Enter.
Choose “Edit in CAS.”

The create a Sim food selection will appear, where you can edit any type of traits.

How to readjust Traits in The Sims 4 v a Cheat ~ above Xbox and PS4

For console players, the steps for editing and enhancing Sim traits utilizing cheats are just slightly various from those for computer players. To usage cheats ~ above Xbox and PS4, follow the steps below:

Press R1/RB, R2/RT, L1/LB, and also L2/LT at the very same time and hold for a few seconds.Type in “testingcheats” and also select Enter.Select a sim whose characteristics you’d like to edit and also press R1/RB, R2/RT, L1/LB, and also L2/LT at the same time once again.Type in “cas.fulleditmode” and also select Enter.Choose “Edit in CAS” and change the preferred traits.

How to pick Traits in The Sims 4 CAS Mode

To choose traits in the produce a center mode, monitor the steps below:

Enter the CAS mode – either by selecting to develop a brand-new Sim or by utilizing a cheat code.
Click trait hexagons to view all options.

Tip: part mutually exclusive properties can’t be preferred together.

Frequently request Questions

Read this ar to discover out answers to few of the most usual questions regarded traits in Sims 4.

Can you adjust traits in Sims 4 in the MC Command Center?

Unfortunately, an altering traits using the MC Command facility is no yet possible. The creator that MCCC is no planning to occupational on it till the game developers perform a new UI element.

Why can’t I change my Sim’s traits?

Once girlfriend have created a character, your traits can’t be readjusted anymore uneven you take a Re-Traiting medicine or usage cheats. Sometimes, traits can’t be changed even in the CAS mode – this happens as soon as you space using the Story Mode. In this mode, the character traits are determined by your answers come a quiz. However, friend can adjust traits in the Story mode using cheats, too.

What species of traits space there in Sims 4?

There are several varieties of characteristics in Sims 4 – personality, death, bonus, and also reward. Personality traits incorporate emotional, hobby, lifestyle, and also social traits. Fatality traits determine just how a Sim will die and how they will certainly act when ending up being a ghost. The bonus and also reward traits room different, largely related to the capability of a sim – because that example, a character can learn just how to act or improve relationships with animals.

How countless traits can a sim have?

In the CAS mode, you can pick increase to 3 personality traits because that an adult Sim, increase to 2 traits for a teen, and also only one trait for children and also toddlers. When children Sims prosper up, friend will have actually the option to select an ext traits. Bonus traits deserve to be selected along with a character’s aspiration. You deserve to only pick one bonus trait, and it can’t be adjusted later. The fatality traits can be preferred upon death, only one every character. The rewards traits are unlimited.

Customize Your sim as friend Wish

Hopefully, v the aid of our guide, you have the right to now readjust the properties of her Sims in ~ any point in the game. After all, personalities may change as time passes, as with real people. The capacity to do each Sim unique is what makes the video game so enjoyable.

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Which Sims traits are your most and least favorite? carry out you prefer to perform it the quick means and use cheats to readjust traits or to play fair and purchase the Re-Traiting Potion? Share your opinions in the comments ar below.