Our mom M. Anselma was animated by the love of Christ. Referred to as to follow St. Francis the Assisi, she

recognized her smallness before the Lord and also rejoiced in His humility in ending up being man because that each the us. She search to seek His face, the confront of the bad One, the Crucified One, the Pierced Bridegroom, in all that she did.

Mother was characterized by she firm fix to it is in a holocaust prior to the Lord, and also desired to follow Him by life a simple, joyful life. She knew that just by gazing top top the Pierced love of her Savior can her very own heart be transformed to be completely united come His. We, she daughters, try to follow the example that Mother set for united state all. Simple, humble, joyful sisters.

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"Do not lose courage even if your issues seem difficult. Flee in such moments come the spiritual Heart. 

There you will always be consoled." - Mother M. Anselma, foundress

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Vocation story


We love come hear proposal stories. Inspect out just how the mr spoke to their hearts.

Sr. M. Pieta Shares about Prayer

What is Prayer indigenous Franciscan Sister the the Martyr St. George, Sr. Pieta Keller - 9.9.2020

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St. Francis that Assisi: Not one more Catholic Hippie

Love"s answer Women"s Discernment group


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Behind the Veil #3 sister of St. Francis the the Martyr St. George

Sr. M. Rosalinda"s Story

Sr. M. Rosalinda Drees, FSGM

Sr. Peter Marie"s Story


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Sisters of St. Francis of The Martyr St. George | 150 Anniversary

Veni Si Amas Women"s Discernment Retreat


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seeking His love


Listening for God? "Come if friend love." Jesus invites every of united state to monitor him much more closely.

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Walking with Moms at the mother of good Counsel house

Walking with Moms- mommy of good Counsel Home

The Sisters song the Chaplet of magnificent Mercy

FSGM divine Mercy Chaplet

light of Love film

Light of Love

Offer yourself as a holocaust come God. You involved fulfill the will certainly of God.


mother M. Anselma

Franciscan Spirituality

"They shall look at on him whom they have pierced." john 19:37

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