When ns was cultivation up I had a keen attention in the sciences. Mostly since of the cool equipment that researchers used, friend know, beakers, flasks, Bunsen burners that type of thing. Well, not only did i not have actually the money because that those kinds of thing but I had no idea whereby to even buy castle if i could. Therefore I had actually to improvise. Among the much better improvisations ns was may be to do was to hollow out a light bulb and also use it for other things. The glass that provides the envelope the the build is quite heat resistant and the screw basic is good to connect things come (even better if friend can uncover old ones with brass bases, you have the right to solder come those). Ns made a variety of small boilers in stimulate to discover about steam and distillation. I hope to show people that even if a bulb burns out, it can still be useful.

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Step 1


First, grip the small solder suggest and give it a great twist. You will cost-free the brass contact and also break one of the wires leading to the filament.

Step 3


After the insulator has been eliminated you deserve to see the within supports of the filament and the fill hole. In the old days bulbs were evacuated of environment to keep the filament indigenous oxidising and burning through. Now days the glass envelope is earlier filled through an inert gas choose argon. The keeps the filament from burn through and also makes the bulbs safer.

action 5


The fill tube could be saved for a later project if friend wish.

step 7


The bulb demands a an excellent cleaning. This powder, is called kaolin and also is pretty safe. You have to still be careful and keep it far from your mouth and anything you might eat near.

Step 9


There girlfriend are, an empty light bulb ready for a new lease top top life.


A an ext traditional use is together a ship to boil water. I wouldn’t usage too warm of a flame, a candle or an alcohol burner should be about as much heat as you have to use. The is after ~ all just a light bulb. Genuine lab ware is much thicker and also can take an ext heat. Still, because that the amateur experimenter this deserve to be comfortable to have.

I expect you have appreciated this small project and have funny making valuable things the end of what was when junk.

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A couple of of the dimmer bulbs insist on sending me comments on exactly how this will certainly make great drug paraphernalia. Please save those comment to yourself together I delete castle ASAP. Friend don’t have to be a rocket scientist to make something into a pipe and also that’s not why I composed this tutorial. Thanks.

(May 6, 2007)

Another useful that have the right to be made through a supplied light pear (more)


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