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When mine church denomination’s newly-elected basic overseer preached at our basic Assembly forty-six years ago, that told that an occurrence that took place when the was yet a young student in a big university countless years prior. Prior to he ever came to be a minister, he to be a student of pre-medicine. Also so, he to be somehow curiously placed in one particular classroom full of young preachers. This pre-med college student was the only one in the class who was no going into the ministry –– or therefore he thought.

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In his resolve to our basic Assembly, this new general overseer called of the class and professor from lengthy ago. One day, the said, the “skilled” professor began to talk openly of points to the class, including his criticism the the Blood that Jesus Christ. The professor also dared come say, “There is small significance come the Blood that Jesus.” To make matters worse, the young pre-med college student looked about the room and also saw a couple of young preachers also agreeing v what to be said.
After that class ended, the pre-med college student went straight house to his family’s tiny four-room house. He was greeted through his mom in the kitchen. She sensed her kid was considerably troubled around something, therefore she started to inquiry him as to what was wrong. The Christian boy then said his Mother just how his confidence was being tested, and also he included what the professor said in class around the precious Blood that Jesus Christ.
Without delay, the young man’s Godly mom took the by the hand, and together they knelt down in prayer between the old flattop chef stove and the box of chopped wood, all to talk to the Lord about this severe problem.
This priceless Saint that God started to cry out to God in prayer, “Oh, God, if the confidence of my boy is gift tried, ns pray girlfriend will avoid the lips that those who would perform such.” She ongoing by saying, “…and IF preachers are encouraged to have actually doubts, ns pray the You would somehow exactly this situation.” This mom then boldly added to the prayer, “Lord God, would certainly You tie the man’s tongue?”
The young male returned come the course the next day. For part reason, the professor passed over all the various other young men studying to come to be a minister, and also he referred to as upon the one and only pre-med student to prize what he believed of the Blood that Jesus Christ.
This student climbed to his feet to speak, however he can not think the a solitary Scripture to tell the professor in defense the the Blood that Christ. He was afraid to speak, and frankly, he just didn’t recognize what to say. However he knew he had actually to to speak something, so he finally spoke up and declared, “I believe in the burned Blood the Christ; it has actually washed and also made me clean.”
Just then, the professor opened his mouth come speak, yet quickly uncovered his tongue come be as motionless “as a slab that stone.” all the professor could do to be to pat his face and motion because that the students to conveniently leave the classroom. Give thanks to God because that the melted Blood the Jesus Christ, and also thank God for praying Mothers!
I must also thank God for Gospel song based upon words of God! ns feel about the Blood the Jesus simply as a gifted convention songwriter speak in one specific song. Charles L. Towler wrote, “I STILL believe THERE’S WONDER-WORKING POW’R, in the Blood that the Lamb, Tho’ some might doubt and also turn aside, i still think it’s true: yes sir wondrous pow’r in the Blood.” 
Well, prayer God! there IS strength in the Blood of Jesus Christ! I also declare my belief and trust in the shed Blood that Jesus Christ. Numerous Gospel music songwriters have written songs around the Blood of Jesus Christ, even if it is through southern Gospel songs, or with convention song or hymns. 
It’s no wonder this CHURCH HYMNAL is affectionately known as “the RED ago book.” not only since the covers are red, but additionally because songs around the Blood of Jesus to fill this book. Throughout this marvelous hymnal, you’ll discover the Blood of Jesus Christ mentioned innumerable times in title or text, all through an excellent songs such as:
“ARE you WASHED IN THE BLOOD?” (E. A. Hoffman) –– The songwriter asks many questions, such as, “Have YOU been to Jesus because that the cleansing pow’r?” “Are girlfriend walking daily by the Savior’s side?” and then, “When the Bridegroom cometh will YOUR robes it is in white?” 
But this tune would not be complete without Hoffman asking, “Are girlfriend washed in the Blood; In the soul-cleansing Blood of the Lamb? room YOUR clothes spotless? room they white as snow? space YOU wash in the Blood of the Lamb?”
“NOTHING but THE BLOOD” (Robert Lowery) –– “WHAT can wash far my sin?” and “WHAT have the right to make me whole again?” Lowery climate answers the countless questions transparent the song by adding: “O precious is the flow, That renders me white as snow, NO other fount i know, Nothing but the Blood the Jesus.” 
“THERE IS A FOUNTAIN” (William Cowper) –– Cowper asks no concerns in this song, but rather makes statements in all four verses, including, “There is a fountain filled v Blood, drawn from Immanuel’s veins, and also sinners plunged beneath the flood, shed ALL your guilty stains…” 
E. A. Hoffman and J. H. Stockton had actually much come say the the Blood of Jesus Christ in their tune of worship, “GLORY come HIS NAME.” as we song all four verses, we then provide “Glory to His Name, Glory come His name, there to mine heart was the Blood applied, Glory to His Name.”
N. B. Vandall tells in song, “You questioning me why i’m happy for this reason I’ll simply tell girlfriend why, because my sins space gone…They’re underneath the Blood, on the cross of Calvary, as much removed together darkness is indigenous dawn…Praise God, MY SINS space GONE.” 
Edward Mote & wilhelm Bradbury remind united state in song, “MY expect IS BUILT on nothing less, than Jesus’ Blood and righteousness; i dare no trust the sweetest frame, yet wholly skinny on Jesus’ name…” then verse 3 declares, “His oath, His covenant, His Blood, assistance me in the whelming flood; once all roughly my soul provides way, He climate is every my hope and also stay…”
And did you likewise remember, “THERE IS power IN THE BLOOD”? Yes, “There IS pow’r, pow’r, wonder-working pow’r, in the Blood of the Lamb…” 
In this old Gospel song, songwriter L. E. Jones request such things as, “Would friend be totally free from the burden of sin?” “Would you o’er evil a success to win?” “Would you be whiter, much whiter 보다 snow?” “Sin stains are shed in its life-giving flow,” “Would you do organization for Jesus your King?” and “Would girlfriend live daily His praises come sing?”  Whatever our require of Him, “There IS pow’r, pow’r, wonder-working pow’r, IN THE BLOOD that THE LAMB…” 
Although some churches no longer have actually choirs to sing this wondrous reality of the Blood of Christ; and also though part preachers have replaced it with some pleasing secular gospel that tickles the ear of the rich and satisfied; and also despite the reality that the preaching the the Blood that Christ has been attacked on every side by the opponent of our souls –– none of this has lessened God’s strength one bit. No a bit!!!
Over and also over in the Bible, Jesus told of the good importance of His melted Blood with statements such as, “…This cup is the new testament in mine Blood, i m sorry is burned for you” (Luke 22:20).
Throughout the new Testament, us learn good emphasis is put on the Blood of Jesus Christ. Simply some Scriptures provided below tell us how:
6 – we learn, “For this is mine Blood that the new testament, which is burned for many for the REMISSION the SINS” (Matthew 26:28).
7 – us know, “Wherefore Jesus also, that He might SANCTIFYthe world with His very own Blood, endured without the gate” (Hebrews13:12).
8 – “Having therefore, brethren, BOLDNESS to enter into the holiest through the Blood of Jesus” (Hebrews 10:19).
9 – We space to “Take heed as such unto yourselves, and also to every the flock, over the i beg your pardon the divine Ghost afoot made you overseers, to feed the church of God, which the hath PURCHASED with His very own Blood” (Acts 20:28).

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Ira Stanphill to be a noted Gospel songwriter and preacher, however like plenty of other Christians, he never walked under a pathway complete with roses lining his every step. He likewise had trouble in his life. His an initial marriage (1939) ended in divorce some nine years later. 
Just one year prior to his second marriage (1951), he would certainly write the Gospel track that tells, “I nothing know about tomorrow, the may bring me poverty; yet the One who feeds the sparrow, is the One who stands by me. And the course that is mine portion, might be with the flame or flood; however His existence goes prior to me, and I’m covered with His Blood!”
Although this song is not discovered in the Red earlier CHURCH HYMNAL, the article speaks to united state of Christ’s shed Blood however today. 
A much more recent tune – one likewise not found in the CHURCH HYMNAL, but one written by Andrae Crouch – tells in part, “The Blood the Jesus burned for me, means back on Calvary, The Blood that provides me strength from day to day, it will NEVER shed its power. ~ that reaches to the highest possible mountain. It flows to the lowest valley; The Blood that provides me strength from day come day, It will NEVER lose its power.”
It is the strength of God that provides the difference –– the sort of power that shakes jails; that provides hopeless cripples leap because that joy; that makes illness retreat.
Then too, Godly Mothers who pray for their children also make a difference. Simply ask the young pre-med student that witnessed the answer to his mother’s prayer as soon as he experienced his professor’s tongue was tied ~ denouncing the Blood of Jesus. His Blood make a distinction to the young student long ago; the Blood made a difference when the young male answered the call of Christ and also later came to be leader of mine denomination. 


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