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Musicians aesthetically showcase various expressions that love. A variety of singers and also songwriters have articulately defined the way they feel about love through songs. The word “love” in tune titles might convey different facets related come the literal meaning of the hatchet or a broad-based view of a an ext in-depth expertise in a figurative manner. In specific songs, the hatchet “love” is provided as a type of compare to to mark a an individual experience.

What go “Love” in a track Title Mean?

Every tune that has actually the native “love” in the location narrates a perspective. Singers and also songwriters often utilize a an imaginative mindset come tell one imaginative story based on fictional events. A number of musicians also cite their actual life experiences around love in a metaphorical manner. With songs, musicians lug to life descriptive elements of various emotions associated with love.

Certain songs exquisitely showcase the after-effects of unrequited love and also the state of gift it leader to. V love as an expression, musician may likewise portray differed feelings skilled in a relationship. Singers and also songwriters often express their belief around affection, warmth, protectiveness and also respect in a lucid manner v a succession of events in lyrics. Dimensional facets of love space presented in tune titles to showcase a deep principle or idea.


Symbolism: Emotions that Love

The native “love” is symbolic the feelings and emotions. Details singers and also songwriters have used the ax to represent the an essential nature of existence, reality and also knowledge with an analytical technique with lyrics. Musicians through a philosophical view suggest have showcased varied elements of love in songs v a rational, theoretical, metaphysical, and logical understanding.

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In details songs, facility aspects of a partnership are showcased v love gift the centrifugal element. A number of musicians in various genres have described the various stages that love and the feeling linked with it. If the message around love in song is diverse, the core elements symbolize:



The list below showcases an epic arsenal of rock songs, pop songs, nation songs, alternate songs, indie songs, R&B songs, hip-hop songs, blues songs and also dance songs with the word “love” in the title. If you have actually view, opinion, or tune suggestion, permit us understand in the comments section.

Top 10 best Songs v Love in the Title

“Stupid Love”—Lady Gaga“All Your require is Love”—The Beatles“Can’t aid Falling In Love”—Elvis Presley“I Love Me”—Demi Lovato“The Only way to Love”—Vanessa Carlton“I desire to understand What Love Is”—Foreigner“Love Yourself”—Justin Bieber“I Will always Love You”—Whitney Houston“Nobody’s Love”—Maroon 5“Drunk in Love”—Beyonce special Jay-Z


11. “What If ns Told you That i Love You”—Ali Gatie

12. “Cuz ns Love You”—Lizzo

13. “Love”—Lana Del Ray

14. “Bigger Love”—John Legend

15. “Same Old Love”—Selena Gomez

16. “Love Story”—Taylor Swift

17. “Tell Me you Love Me”—Demi Lovato

18. “Love Lies”—Khalid

19. “Send my Love (To Your brand-new Lover)”—Adele

20. “Love”—Kendrick Lamar


21. “Love Myself”—Hailee Steinfeld

22. “Used to be (L.O.V.E.)”—Chelsea Collins

23. “Love Me Harder”—Ariana Grande and also The Weeknd

24. “True Love”—Coldplay

25. “Kill This Love”—Blackpink

26. “Love You choose That”—Canaan Smith

27. “Real Love”—Clean Bandit and also Jess Glynne

28. “Love Me prefer You Do”—Ellie Goulding

29. “Steady Love”—India Arie

30. “How Deep Is your Love”—Calvin Harris and also Disciples

31. “Love Incredible”—Cashmere Cat special Camila Cabello

32. “You provide Love a negative Name”—Bon Jovi

33. “Love Song”—Sara Bareilles

34. “I’ll never Love Again”—Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper

35. “Love Yourself”—Sufijan Stevans

36. “International Love”—Pitbull featuring kris Brown

37. “Love You like a Love Song”—Selena Gomez & the Scene

38. “As long As girlfriend Love Me”—Justin Bieber featuring huge Sean

39. “My Love”—Route 94 special Jess Glynne

40. “We uncovered Love”—Rihanna featuring Calvin Harris


41. “Crazy small Thing referred to as Love”—Queen

42. “We need Love”—John Legend

43. “It Must have Been Love”—Roxette

44. “Love her Madly”—The Doors

45. “Endless Love”—Diana Ross and also Lionel Richie

46. “Give Me Love”—Ed Sheeran

47. “Crazy Stupid Love”—Cheryl

48. “Say you Love Me”—Jessie Ware

49. “I need Your Love”—Calvin Harris special Ellie Goulding

50. “Faded Love”—Tinashe special Future

51. “Baby it is in My Love Song”—Easton Corbin

52. “Two world Fell in Love”—Brad Paisley

53. “I Just referred to as to Say ns Love You”—Stevie Wonder

54. “Tough Love”—Jessie Ware

55. “When Love bring away Over”—David Guetta special Kelly Rowland

56. “Bleeding Love”—Leona Lewis

57. “I think in a Thing referred to as Love”—The Darkness

58. “Crazy in Love”—Beyonce special Jay-Z


61. “Love Me Do”—The Beatles

62. “Savaged Love (Laxed –Siren Beat)”—Jawsh 685 and Jason Derulo

63. “Love is top top the Way”—Saigon Kick

64. “Who friend Love”—John Mayer featuring Katy Perry

65. “Say Hey (I Love You)”—Michael Franti & Spearhead featuring Cherine Anderson

66. “How to Love”—Lil Wayne

67. “Lose You come Love Me”—Selena Gomez

68. “Make You feel My Love”—Adele

69. “The strength of Love”—Jennifer Rush

70. “Skinny Love”—Birdy

71. “Only You deserve to Love Me This Way”—Keith Urban

72. “Love that a Lifetime”—Firehouse

73. “I’m still in Love v You”—Sean Paul special Sasha

74. “This is Love”—will.i.am special Eva Simmons

75. “Somebody come Love”—Queen

76. “When A male Loves a Woman”—Percy Sledge

77. “Rhythm the Love”—Plain White T’s

78. “What’s Love obtained to carry out with It”—Tina Turner

79. “I Love absent n’ Roll”—Joan Jett & the Blackhearts

80. “Addicted to Love”—Robert Palmer


81. “True Love”—Pink featuring Lily Allen

82. “Hate That i Love You”—Rihanna special Ne-Yo

83. “Love of my Life”—Queen

84. “I’ll do Love come You”—Boyz 2 Men

85. “Love Lockdown”—Kanye West

87. “Love in Vain”—Robert Johnson

88. “I will certainly Love You always Forever”—Donna Lewis

89. “Love the means You Lie”—Eminem special Rihanna

90. “And ns Love Her”—The Beatles

91. “Summer Love”—Justin Timberlake

92. "I Wanna Love You"—Akon special Snoop Dogg

93. “Can You feel the Love Tonight”—Elton John

94. “Love choose This”—Natasha Bedingfield

95. “Whole Lotta Love”—Led Zeppelin

96. “Love Bites”—Def Leppard

97. “Bye farewell Love”—The Everly Brothers

98. “I Love It”—Icona popular music featuring Charli XCX

99. “Love in an Elevator”—Aerosmith

100. “Where Is the Love”—The black color Eyed Peas

Other significant Songs through Love in the Title

“Love I’m Given”—Ellie Goulding“You Don’t know What Love Is (Just perform as You’re Told)”—The White Stripes“Love Will keep Us Together”—Captain & Tennille“Dj acquired us Fallin’ in Love”—Usher featuring Pitbull“Love Me Land”—Zara Larsson“I Love You”—Billie Eilish“Love Somebody”—Lauv“Don’t Let mine Love (Bring you Down)”—Elizabeth“Love Me Again”—John Newman“Can’t Get enough of your Love”—Barry White“I Love College”—Asher Roth“Love You too Much”—Lucky Daye“Nothing’s Gonna readjust My Love for You”—George Benson“Love Me Tender”—Elvis Presley“Help us to Love”—Tori Kelly special The Hamiltones“Love Galore”—SZA featuring Travis Scott“I require Your Love Tonight”—Elvis Presley“Love medicine No. 9”—The Clovers“Modern Love”—David Bowie“Ily (I Love girlfriend Baby)”—Surf Mesa featuring Emilee“Sunshine of her Love”—Cream“Love there is no End, Amen”—George Strait“Crazy come Love You”—Decco and also Alex Clare“Satellite the Love”—Lou Reed“All the end of Love”—Air Supply“If girlfriend Love Somebody set Them Free”—Sting“Love Is”—Alannah Myles“This Ain’t a Love Song”—Bon Jovi“In Love v a Girl”—Gavin DeGraw“Sexy Dirty Love”—Demi Lovato“Let Me Love You”—DJ line featuring Justin Bieber“My Love”—Little Texas“Crazy Love”—Van Morrison“Higher Love”—Steve Winwood“Send her My Love”—Journey“Love is Pain”—Fergie“When Love find You”—Vince Gill“Stubborn Love”—The Lumineers“I Love mine Country”—Florida Georgia Line“Tainted Love”—Soft Cell“Sexy Love”—Ne-Yo“Love Ain’t for Keeping”—The Who“Gravity of Love”—Enigma“You Can’t hurry Love”—The Supremes“Fell In Love through a Girl”—The White Stripes“The end of Love”—Florence and the Machine“I tho Love You”—Lil Suzy“Radar Love”—Golden Earring
“Gonna Love Me”—Teyana Taylor“Dance Me come the end of Love”—Leonard Cohen“Interstate Love Song”—Stone temple Pilots“Tonight, i Celebrate my Love”—Peabo Bryson and Roberta Flack“Make Love prefer Man”—Def Leppard“In the name of Love”—Bebe Rexha and also Martin Garrix“Why Can’t This it is in Love”—Van Halen“Love ~ above Top”—Beyonce“Runaway Love”—Ludacris featuring mary J. Blige“No plain Love”—Sade“Message of Love”—The Pretenders“Pusher Love Girl”—Justin Timberlake“To understand Him Is come Love Him”—The Teddy Bears“No Love”—Eminem featuring Lil Wayne“Love Rears its Ugly Head”—Living Colour“I’d execute Anything for Love (But ns Won’t carry out That)”—Meat Loaf“Just like Love”—Perfume Genius“Love Is Blindness”—U2“Ain’t Talkin’ bout’ Love”—Van Halen“Love Street”—The Doors“Can’t buy Me Love”—The Beatles“Love Touch”—Rod Stewart“Best of mine Love”—Eagles“The Love the Richard Nixon”—Manic Street Preachers“Accidently in Love”—Counting Crowes“When girlfriend Love a Woman”—Journey“Love Train”—O’Jays“As long As friend Love Me”—Backstreet Boys“(Your Love Keeps Lifting Me) higher and Higher”—Jackie Wilson“Love you Goodbye”—One Direction“What is Love”—Haddaway“Love Again”—Brandy and Daniel Caesar“If This Isn’t Love”—Jennifer Hudson“Young Love”—Sonny James“Stereo Love”—Edward Maya special Vika Jigulina“Love on the Brain”—Rihanna“This Love”—Pantera“Love Me it spins the sun Shines”—The Kinks“American nation Love Song”—Jake Owen“Love Stinks”—J. Geils Band“I gain to Love You”—Ruelle“Love Me”—Justin Bieber“Cradle of Love”—Billy Idol“Too much Love will certainly Kill You”—Queen“Love Hurts”—Nazareth“You Don’t have to Say you Love Me”—Dusty Springfield“Chapel the Love”—The Dixie Cups“Big Love”—Fleetwood Mac
“Love Me two Times”—The Doors“Show Me Love”—Robin S“Love my Way”—The Psychedelic Furs“Friday I’m in Love”—The Cure“I Love You”—Martina McBride“Love Is a shedding Game”—Amy Winehouse“When Love and Hate Collide”—Def Leppard“LoveStoned”—Justin Timberlake“Do friend Love she Now”—Jai Paul“Turn up the Love”—Far east Movement featuring Cover Drive“Love Gun”—Kiss“1 sided Love”—Blackbear“A human being without Love”—Peter and Gordan“Loud Love”—Soundgarden“(I Love You) for Sentimental Reasons”—Sam Cooke“Let Me Love you (Until You learn to Love Yourself)”—Ne-Yo“What around Love”—Heart“Love Shack”—Bad Company“You’ve obtained to Hide her Love Away”—The Beatles“Love”—Keyshia Cole“Is This Love”—Survivor“Feel choose Makin’ Love”—Bad Company“Love in the an initial Degree”—Alabama“Silly Love Songs”—Wings“Love come Love friend Baby”—Donna Summer“Is This Love”—Bob Marley & the Wailers“The One i Love”—R.E.M.“Best of my Love”—The Emotions“For your Love”—The Yardbirds“Electric Love”—Borns“Love Drunk”—Boys prefer Girls“True Love Waits”—Radiohead“Only Love have the right to Break her Heart”—Neil Young“Love is Strange”—Mickey & Sylvia“Crazy Love”—Michael Buble“I Love a rainy Night”—Eddie Rabbit“Ordinary Love”—U2“Love Song”—Tesla“He Loves U Not”—Dream“It harms to it is in in Love”—Gene Pitney“Love Me”—Lil Wayne featuring Drake and also Future“Hard to Love”—Lee Brice“I Don’t believe in Love”—Queensryche“Love Don’t expense a Thing”—Jennifer Lopez“I offered To Love Her”—Guns N’ Roses“Too Late for Love”—Def Leppard“I just Wanna Love friend (Give the 2 Me)”—Jay-Z
“Let Me Love You”—Mario“I’m no in Love”—10cc“Don’t fall in Love with a Dreamer”—Kim Carnes“Baby Love”—The Supremes“Hello, i Love You”—The Doors“This Love”—Maroon 5“I perform Love You”—Billy Stewart“My Love is Like…Wo”—Mya“Love Me Tomorrow”—Chicago“Have friend Ever been in Love”—Celine Dion“Now the We discovered Love”—Heavy D. & the Boyz“I Love You”—Faith Evans“My Love”—Justin Timberlake“Why do You Love Me”—Garbage“The human being That us Love”—Bush“Love”—Musiq Soulchild“This Ain’t the Summer of Love”—The Blue Oyster Cult“I’ll Never autumn in Love Again”—Dionne Warwick“Your priceless Love”—Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell“LoveGame”—Lady Gaga“How Deep Is your Love”—Bee Gees“I’ll need to Say ns Love friend in a Song”—Jim Croce“Fooled Around and Fell in Love”—Elvin Bishop“True Love and also a complimentary Life of complimentary Will”—Japandroids“Love Child”—Diana Ross & the Supremes“Never my Love”—The Association“The look of Love”—Dusty Springfield“Crazy Love”—Poco“Love Can develop a Bridge”—The Judds“Your Love is my Drug”—Kesha“The deeper the Love”—Whitesnake“Like ns Love You”—Justin Timberlake“Tunnel of Love”—Dire Straits“Love Will store Us Alive”—Eagles“The game of Love”—Santana special Michelle Branch“Love is a Battlefield”—Pat Benatar“My Love”—Lionel Richie“Can’t prevent Fallin’ right into Love”—Cheap Trick“Hate it or Love It”—The video game featuring 50 Cent“Bye farewell Love”—The Cars“Miss girlfriend Love”—Silverchair“Let Me Love You”—Ariana Grande featuring Lil Wayne“When Love comes to Town”—U2“Love of my Life (An Ode come Hip-Hop)”—Erykah Badu“I want your Love”—Chic“Love favor a Man”—Ten years After“It’s only Love”—Bryan Adams featuring Tina Turner