Today's Spanish phrases come as a request from one of our website readers, Guayaluz Titerroy who wanted come learn how to express unpleasant stuff such together condolences in Spanish, possibly upon the fatality of a person we could know. When faced with a complicated situation, you might know exactly what come say in your aboriginal language, yet do friend think you would certainly feel confident expressing sympathy in Spanish? Well, ~ this lesson you will. However hopefully, you will certainly not have to use this vocabulary very often!​

8 useful Phrases to Express Condolences in Spanish

Opening Phrases:Mi más sentido pésame… mine deepest condolencesMis sentidas condolencias... Mine deep condolences

Immediately followed by either one of these:Lamento mucho esta gran pérdida… i deeply regret this great lossLamento mucho la muerte de … ns deeply remorse the ns of

And then instantly followed by either among these:Te acompaño en este momento de duelo / de dolor… ns am with you in this moment of griefTe acompaño en el sentimiento... I am with you in this an overwhelming moment

Finally you can close with these 2 phrases, in precisely this order: fue una gran persona a quien he tenido la dicha de conocer...

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to be a an excellent person whom I had actually the pleasure of knowingPuedes contar conmigo para lo que necesites… You can count ~ above me for every little thing you need

Of course, these are just mere formalities that you room expected to say in these types of situations. ~ this introductorystage, you are all set to proceed talking normally, as you would execute in any type of other situation.

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That'll do for today!

Thanks so lot Guayaluz for arguing the subject of:how to say my condolences in Spanish.

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