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if you room surronded by on comes enemies. Use your force lighting to prevent them in their tracksyou can likewise use any kind of force power that will prevent them from gift able to attack youIf most of them fall down dead and also there is still one or two left use your saber as well strike them under or one more force power

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Enter the codes below in the cheats menu to unlock the wanted character or outfit:Enter the codes listed below in the cheats menu for the desired effect:-all cheats replicated from

LEGION501st LegionAAYLAAayla SecuraITSATWAPAdmiral AckbarCHOSENONEAnakin SkywalkerACOLYTEAsajj VentressDANTOOINECeremonial Jedi RobesNOTIMOChop"aa NotimoTK421Classic StormtrooperSERENNOCount DookuPAUANDarth DesolousZABRAKDarth MaulHIDDENFEARDarth PhobosSITHLORDDarth VaderDREXLROOSHDrexl RooshPALPATINEEmperor PalpatineMANDALOREGeneral Rahm KotaNERFHERDERHan SoloSHOCKTROOPHeavy TrooperECLIPSEJuno EclipseWOOKIEEKento"s RobeKLEEFKleefSCOUNDRELLando CalrissianT16WOMPRATLuke SkywalkerJEDIMASTERMace WinduMARAJADEMara JadeMARISBROODMaris BroodSTORMTROOPNavy CommandoBENKENOBIObi Wan KenobiHOLOGRAMPROXYMAVERICKQui Gon JinnTOGRUTAShaak TiINTHEDARKShadow TrooperHOLOCRONSith RobesKORRIBANSith Stalker ArmorSECURATwi"lekGRANDMOFFUnlocks all costumesYELLOWJCKTYavin LukeSPEEDER1,000,000 pressure pointsLIGHTSABERAmplified lightsaber damageCORTOSISGodmodeCOUNTDOOKUIncrease combos come maximum levelKATARNIncrease pressure powers come maximum levelVERGENCEUnlimited forceTYRANUSUnlock all pressure powers