The tune is called "Por Ti Volare" or “Time to Say Goodbye.” It was made renowned by Andrea Bocelli; however, this variation is sung by will certainly Ferrell himself. The original was likewise recently featured in the movie Wanted.

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It is one of 28 songs from the movie action Brothers. Unfortunately, lock did no release a soundtrack album for the movie, yet you can find the videos and also downloads for the songs at the attach below. Here"s the finish list of song in the order they showed up in the movie.

A-Punk - Vampire Weekend

North American Scum - LCD Soundsystem

Hairy Balls - john C. Reilly

Captain Benevant & His Ragtag Crew - Adam McKay and Steve Weisberg

Ice Ice baby - Vanilla Ice

Breathe and also Stop - Q-Tip

Sweet son O" Mine - W. Axl Rose, Saul Hudson, Michael McKagan, Jeffrey Isbell and Steven Adler

Brother - Lee Ferrell and Hal Radcliff

Learn - Dizzee Rascal

You make My dreams - hall & Oates

This is exactly how We execute It - Montell Jordan, Oji Pierce and Ricky Walters

Live on stage - Dilated Peoples

Tristan and also Isolde - Richard Wagner

Something to Talk about - will certainly Ferrell

You"re on my Mind - KO & the Knockouts

Under pressure - Oz Ravbon and Amir Efrat

Boats "N Hoes - will certainly Ferrell and John C. Reilly

A Marshmallow human being - Brenda Lee

Family bible - rick Logan

Back and Forth - Jon Brion

Slow Burn - collection the Control

Keeping the faith - Billy Joel

The Longest Time - Billy Joel

Por Ti Volare - will Ferrell

Father Christmas - Kinks

The Impression the I acquire - Mighty Mighty Bosstones

Derby work - Cheeseburger

Original music for action Brothers - Jon Brion

Brennan action Brothers

Brennan Huff

RE: In the movie action Brothers, what is the surname of the song that will Ferrell sings in ~ the Catalina alcohol Mixer? the is some type of opera track or something.

Learning Italian like Crazy?

Por Ti Volare" or "Time to Say Goodbye."

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