The ’80s experienced a slew that horror and slasher films destined to accumulate fear. The decade included Friday the 13th, Child’s Play, A Nightmare top top Elm Street, The Shining, and also Aliens. That’s simply naming a few. And, the course, 1981 also marked the debut of Little residence on the Prairie‘s own horror episode, “Sylvia.” Wait, what?

Throughout that is runtime, Little House on the Prairie had actually no shortage the chilling scenarios open minded in the episode. Mary Ingalls alone experienced several lifetimes precious of trauma at her young age. But the episode “Sylvia” manages to stand the end remarkably for its mature themes, content, and also visuals. Indeed, one attacker dressed as a mime was enough to provide all viewers cold house – as shown by the shocked reactions and warnings lock issued online.

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“Sylvia” depicts fear by mirroring some and also hiding the rest

To this day, viewers feeling horrified through the illustration / NBCUniversal Television circulation via Kindertrauma

The display has rather a couple of tragedies, from remote to destructive fires the burn down a school. But Little House wouldn’t be viewed as a huge entry in the fear genre, right? Wrong. Horror Homeroom further points the end that “Sylvia” derives clear impetus from the subgenres the slasher and also Giallo. Giallo describes inexpensive paperback novels special mysteries that appreciated popularity in Italy. Furthermore, it winter other created scary titles, including Frankenstein (1931).

Additionally, it inspires quite a little of shock and also horror native viewers come this day.

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Many of that, though, originates from the shockingly hurtful obstacles Sylvia faces – shocking because of just how unexpected castle were, as evidenced by a 2005 testimonial on Amazon. The reviewer updated her comment in 2016, writing, “My girls, now 20 and 17, remember vividly just how frightened they to be after viewing this episode.” and after the family’s early viewing end a te ago, the mom writes, “ The rape to be treated without revealing lot skin but the male number that raped Sylvia to be so frightening to my children that my youngest daughter in reality shook (needless to say she battered watching after ~ this but was haunted by that picture that night and now number of weeks later on is still asking questions).”