Whether you are learning Chinese for company or for personal reasons, it is equally likely that in ~ some allude you will have to know exactly how to say say thanks to you in Chinese. Over there are various ways to go about expressing her gratitude – and you might likewise want to be able to respond, in turn, to someone who many thanks you.

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These polite unit volume will assist you to do a good impression indigenous the an extremely beginning. Find out the various ways to say thank you in Mandarin, so the you space not caught out the following time a organize presents you through a gift or provides you with a favor.

List of ways to Say give thanks to You

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Let’s start off with a perform of the means to say give thanks to you in Mandarin. We will begin by providing the native or phrase in English personalities so that you deserve to understand the words much more easily. Later on on, we will show how come write give thanks to you in Chinese characters, but don’t worry around that for now. Let’s go with the options.

1. Xiè xiè

This is the simple and simple version of exactly how to say thank girlfriend in Chinese. If you are in doubt and also you aren’t sure which is the correct to use, this will do fine. In ~ the really worst, your conversational companion may just think you are not mindful of the other feasible ways to say it – they are unlikely to be offended if they know that friend are learning the language. Not just that, yet it is also more or less proper in practically all situations. The only reason you could feel it is inadequate is if someone has done girlfriend a really big favor i m sorry requires more gratitude.

2. Duō xiè

This is a less formal method of saying give thanks to you, more like saying a casual many thanks in Chinese. It is usually supplied when text massage or making use of online message services since it is a quicker shorthand for give thanks to you in Chinese characters. You can also use it in talked conversation when you room in a casual situation.

3. Gǎn xiè!

The appropriate translation below would it is in ‘many thanks!’. It deserve to be provided in a semi-formal way, usually once someone has actually done something that deserves a good deal the gratitude. Perhaps they went out of their method to assist you or offered you something that you yes, really wanted. This is to be booked for times once someone really has actually made a distinction for you. They will more than likely reply by saying "You"re welcome" in Chinese!

4. Fēi cháng gǎn xiè nǐ!

As girlfriend may be able to gather native looking in ~ the sentence construction, this is a longer form of the instance above. We deserve to translate it as ‘thank you really much!’. You might prefer to usage the longer kind in this finish sentence once you want to express the most gratitude possible. You space emphasizing the point that you might not be an ext thankful through going to the effort of giving the whole phrase. Once saying many thanks in Chinese, you deserve to even add a bow to combine your an interpretation further.

5. Nǎ li nǎ li!

As well as simply saying the Chinese for say thanks to you, you deserve to use other phrases to express gratitude. This phrase way ‘you’re flattering me’ or ‘you’re also kind’ – the a playful expression the you deserve to use when someone is providing you a compliment. That even taken into consideration to it is in a flirtatious phrase when offered in some circumstances, though it does not need to have those connotations.

6. Má fan nǐ le!

Many that hear this phrase may think that it is an apology – it equates to ‘sorry because that the trouble’. However, it’s yes, really a more roundabout method of giving thanks. You are acknowledging that the other person has gone to some size to aid you or to do something because that you, and this lets them recognize that you appreciate it.

This is a cultural point because that China since it is often common to apologize because that something rather than to say the Chinese for give thanks to you. For example, wherein an American host might say “Thank you because that waiting”, a Chinese organize may speak “Sorry to have kept friend waiting”.

7. Xiè xiè dà jiā…

If you space addressing a larger group of people, girlfriend will want to begin your speech by speak ‘thank friend all…’ in this way. You need to follow it with something certain – choose thanking them for attending the occasion or paying fist to your speech. This is how to say give thanks to you in Chinese because that presentations or officially ceremonies.

How to Pronounce thank You in Mandarin


Be aware that the method you pronounce thank you in Mandarin will certainly be different to the method that girlfriend say say thanks to you in Cantonese. This is because there room only 4 tones in Mandarin, while in Cantonese there have the right to be as many as nine. This provides it more complex to learn!

If you are already set on discovering Mandarin, you can use the notations we have used over as well together the classic rules the pronunciation come say say thanks to you in Chinese.

In the instance of xiè xiè, you must make a hissing sound somewhere between a ‘s’ and also a ‘sh’ in English. You have to pitch your tone downwards when pronouncing the accented e, making certain to tension each syllable to emphasize the tone. This is difficult for a first-time learner. To gain the sound right, place your tongue against the ridge at the earlier of your reduced teeth and shot to make an ‘s’ noise. This will develop the hiss that you need!

If you find out Chinese in China, you are most likely to choose up this pronunciation more quickly. This is since you will certainly be surrounded by indigenous speakers providing you a great example to follow every day. However remember that say thanks to you in Cantonese is different!

Thank friend in Chinese Characters

Now let’s look in ~ the Chinese for give thanks to you in created form! here are the correct characters next to the joint of the expressions of gratitude that we used as our instances above.

谢谢 (xiè xiè)多谢 (duō xiè)感谢! (gǎn xiè!)非常感谢你! (fēi cháng gǎn xiè nǐ!)哪里哪里! (nǎ li nǎ li!)麻烦你了! (má pan nǐ le!)谢谢大家… (xiè xiè dà jiā…)

Thank friend in Cantonese

Let’s take it a diversion from give thanks to you in Mandarin for a moment and also look at how to say thank you in Cantonese. This is, the course, a slightly various language. When it might look the exact same on paper, the certain words and the pronunciation used can frequently be really different!

If someone has offered you a gift and you room speaking Cantonese, you need to reply with 多謝 (doh je). This is a very certain usage – note that it should not be supplied if someone has done you a favor, for example. It is distinct to receiving a gift.

If you space thanking someone because that a service or a favor, climate you must say 唔該 (m goi). This is the correct thing to say to a waiter who has actually refilled her glass, for example, or to someone who has handed you the file that you need for your meeting.

If you room traveling v China, it have the right to be fun to asking locals about how they would generally say thank you. There can be some local dialects and also phrases which room fun to try!

You’re Welcome in Chinese

If you have actually mastered the phrases therefore far, then fine done! yet now let’s imagine that someone rather has given you thanks in Chinese. What would certainly the correct and polite solution be?

Just prefer in English, you will have to say she welcome in Chinese to be polite. In many cases, you deserve to simply speak 不客气 (bù kèqì). Together you deserve to imagine, this translates straight to ‘you’re welcome’. The is used in almost all situations, so girlfriend can obtain away with just having actually this word in her toolbox to begin with.

Later on, you can add 不用谢 (bú yòng xiè). This method something similar to ‘don’t mention it’. It has the very same usage and also applications as our ahead phrase, therefore feel complimentary to interchange them as you wish.

In much more informal situations, you deserve to also shot a different kind of reply. You could say 小事一桩 (xiǎo shì yī zhuāng) – meaning ‘it’s nothing’. This is a great phrase to use if you are with your friends, however definitely should not be used with your boss or someone you would commonly be official with!


These words and phrases have to equip you with all the understanding that you require in order come express your gratitude, no issue the situation. So lengthy as you room speaking in Mandarin, a an easy Xiè xiè will frequently be an excellent enough to carry out the job!

Remember that if you space accepting or giving presents in China, over there is another set of rules that you need to learn and also follow.

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If you want to learn to say give thanks to you in Mandarin in a native environment, be certain to take a look at our courses, i m sorry will permit you to take it Chinese class in China! you can call us this day to book your place.