A) Buffers resist alters in pH when acids or bases are included or once dilution occurs.

B) Buffers are a mixture of weak acid and conjugate base

C) The pH the a buffer is live independence of ionic strength

D) The pH the a buffer is dependent on temperature

E) Buffers room a mixutre that weak bases and conjugate acid

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Which explain is true that pH buffers?(a) castle consist of solid acids and strong bases.(b) They save the pH of the blood constant.(c) they consist that weak acids and weak bases.Both (a) and also (b).Both (b) and (c).




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the the strongest acid? d) dihydrogen phosphate ion, K -6.2x 10 a) acetic acid, K,-1.8 x 10* llg is b) benzoic acid, K,-6.3 x10 ) formic acid, K,-1.8 x 1 hat is the oh concentration that a systems with a pH of 10.35? e) hydrocyanic acid, K,-4.0x 101 a)1.6x10-9 M b) 2.7 × 10-8 M B6. Which of the following weak acids has the c) 6.5 x 10-6 M d) 2.2 × 10-4 M e) a)acetic acid, K.-1.8×10-5 d) dihydrogen phosphate ion, K b) benzoic acid, K.-6.3 x 10", b) benzoic acid, K,-63×10-, c) formic acid&-1.8 c) torme acid, K 10-10 -40 6.2 x 10 e) hydrocyanic acid, Ka-4.0 x 10 B7. I m sorry of the following varieties is the weakest acid? a) HBr b) HCI d) HF e) hat c) hi B8. All of the adhering to statements concerning buffers are true other than a) buffers room resistant to transforms in pH ~ above the addition of strong acids. B) buffers are resistant to alters in pH when diluted v water. E) the pH of a buffer is close come the pK, that the weak acid from which the is made. D) buffers contain appreciable amounts of a weak acid and its conjugate base. E) buffers are offered as colored indications in acid-base titrations. B9. I m sorry of the following problems is true for a titration that a solid acid through a weak bas a) The equivalence suggest occurs at a pH better than 7. B) The equivalence suggest occurs in ~ a pH same to 7. C) The equivalence suggest occurs at a pH below 7. D) Equal volumes of acid base are compelled to reach the equivalence point. E) nobody of the above. B10. The Kip for BaF is 1.7 x 10%. What is the concentration of Ba+ in a saturation solutic c) 1.0 x 10-2 M a)5.7 x 10-7Mb) 1.7×10-6 M d) 1.3 × 10-3 M e) 7.5 × Bl1. I beg your pardon of the adhering to substances is likely to have the highest possible standard entropy in c) CHOH d) CH12 e) Csl