Wednesday, May fifth and Thursday, may 6th, 2021

The April 28th Aspire test date has been rescheduled. Together we carry students safely back to school, us are proceeding to advice all institution day activities. For health and safety reasons and to proceed with the COVID mitigation protocols, us cannot mix cohorts. We room finding the it is essential to readjust the Aspire test days to May 5th and 6th. This is a district vast change that will be consistent amongst all high schools. Details regarding transportation will certainly be shared as plans space finalized. Students in 11th and also 12th grades will receive asynchronous indict on both of those days.

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STUDENTS need TO bring THEIR charged CHROMEBOOK TO institution ON trial and error DAY.

MMSD Aspire Website

All 9th and also 10th graders will take the Aspire check in-person at High college on among the two days below, through lunch gift provided.

Cohort 1 and also Virtualstudents will take the Aspire check on Wednesday, may 5th, 8:15am-2:45pmCohort 2 students will take the Aspire test on Thursday, might 6th, 8:15am-2:45pm

The Metropolitan college District (MMSD) will provide students this state-mandated check to identify students’ instructional level and also to measure academic growth in the locations of English, Reading, Writing, Math and Science. The Aspire test align straight with the act test that is take away by 11th graders, and provides a sense of where students room at in preparation for college and career. The Aspire test will carry out important info that will permit teachers come determine how a college student is proceeding at their current grade level, and also which content areas need support. Results will be common with family members in the summer ~ all experimentation is completed.

To for sure that institutions are maybe to carry out the right environment for the action AspireAssessment, these testing dates will be "9th & 10th great In-Person ONLY" days, an interpretation no students other than 9th and 10th graders will certainly be in MMSDhigh schools. 11th and 12th grade students will receive asynchronous indict on this day.

Testing work Logistics

You deserve to view theASPIRE Scheduleto check out what the day will look like. Below are part details students should recognize to make the job a success.

Arriving at

Doors will open up at 8:00am.

Please present up in between 8:00-8:15am. Test starts at 8:20am.

Please get in through Door #2 (Welcome Center), Door #4 (back parking lot), Door #9 or #10 (5th street).

Staff will be in ~ the doors to inspect your ID.

If friend don’t have an id staff will certainly look you increase in IC - you will gain your 2020/2021 student ID in your testing room if you don’t currently have it.

Staff will be in the halls to help assist girlfriend in finding your room.

Go right to your testing room. (Room assignments were sent to student email accounts on might 4th, 2021)

What to bring and not come bring

Bring a Mask.

Bring her ID. (If girlfriend don’t have an id staff will look you up on IC)

Bring your chromebook and also Charger. Please fee your chromebook the night before!

Absolutely NO cell PHONES, smart WATCHES, OR other ELECTRONIC devices ARE ALLOWED, EVEN during THE BREAK. Youwill be dismissed indigenous testing and score will be voided if cabinet phones room seen or heard.


A free bagged breakfast will be detailed beginning at 8:00am. This should be spend in the cafeteria before going come your trial and error room.

A snackand a party of water will be provided during the 15 minute break. No food or drink is permitted in experimentation rooms. You have to practice social distancingin the hall while top top break.

You will eat having lunch in your trial and error room. A free bagged lunch will certainly be provided. You room welcome to lug your own lunch.


Youwill must show any kind of MMSD id or simply state, "I'm acquisition the Aspire Test."

There will be no devoted school routes.

COVID Safety

There are no an ext than 12 students every room, v the mean being 10.

Everyone should wear a mask.

Social distancing will certainly be practiced at all times.

Bathroom capacity will be 3 students in ~ a time.

Please help us to save everyone safe!

Prohibited Behavior

Looking ahead or back to other test sections.

Technology of any type of kind, also on breaks.

Disrupting others.

Alarms, phone call rings.

Looking at others’ answer - CHEATING.


The check will finish at approximately 2:45pm for standard time.

If friend get expanded time:

Cohort 1 and virtual students will finish the test on Tuesday,May 11th, in the afternoon.

Cohort 2 students will end up the check on Friday, might 7th, beginning at 1:30pm. Lunch will certainly be provided.


Get a an excellent night's sleep and be sure to eat something comprehensive before the test.

Go come the bathroom before the test. Friend won’t want to shed time throughout the test.

Be calm and don’t stress!

A check score will never define you!

Show up and also do her best!

We look forward to see you!

General test Information

More action AspireInformation on the MMSD website

What is it?

The act Aspire test is a state-mandated assessment given to all 9th and 10th grade student by a check proctor. It has four curriculum-based tests that measure students’ education achievement in English, mathematics, reading, science, and writing. The action Aspire gives a measure of being on track for college and career readiness.

Why is this assessment given?

This check is provided to determine if a college student is on track because that college and also career readiness, to educate the problem-solving process, to evaluate the efficacy of indict at various levels the the device (e.g. Classroom, great level, school and also district) and also to comply v Wisconsin state statute as well as federal law. This check takes the location of most of the WKCE.

Who bring away this assessment?

The action Aspire is provided to every students in qualities 9 and also 10. Exception or adjustments include any kind of student who, with the IEP process, that is established the test is no appropriate.

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How is the test given?

The act Aspire is a timed, computer-based assessment. The time allotted is around 4-5 hours.