someone who takes strength by foce and also rules with otal authority.

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acropolisfortified area at the height of a hill.
poliscity-state and also surounding area.
oligarchya few people hold poer.
agorait to be both a place where people could meet and debate issues.
satrapprotector the the kingdom. ( Darius )
what walk Athenian soldiers promise in your oath?they will obey the constitution.
list three factors Xerxes want to dominate Greece?wealth, revenge, glory.
represenative democracycitizens pick a smaller team to make laws and also governmental desicions on their behalf.
what go the Mycenaeans find out from the Minoans?they learned just how to use the sun and stars to discover their method at sea.
what was the key duty that the ten generals who were appointed by the Athenian assembly?to vote and also to pick five civilization to be ephors to carry out the laws.
who qyalified to it is in a citizen of a greek city-state?only cost-free native-born males who owned land.
what to be the beginning of the Greek alphabet?the phonecian alaphabet.
who created the history of the Persian battles ank is know for the "father of history ".Herodotus
who is associated in a direct democracy?every citizen
what to be the cook occupation the the Minoans?trade
who to be the king that the Persian realm in 486 b.c ?Xerxes
what to be the Greek's benefit in the fight of Salamis?the ships might maneuver with the straight.
what organization served as treasury and also commander that the fleet and also to defend the Greeks from the Persians?Delian League
name the first civilization of ancient Greece?Minoans
what factor started the collapse of the Mycenaeans civilizaions?earthquake
Greek city-states were operation by __.its citizens
citizens in Sparta were controlled by__.military
wha sporting activities were Spartan females trained to do ?running, wrestling and also throwing the javelin
compare a boy's life in Athens to a boy's life in Sparta.Athen boy's went to school and also Sparan boy's went into the military.

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Kng Darius obtained his strength from __?army
who worked together to defeat the Persians in 499 b.c.?Athens and also Greece
what brought about the topics of the Persians realm to rebel?the high taxes
the age of Pericles is finest known for __.creativity and also learning
what famous structure did Pericles have constructed in Athens?parthnon
what was the Athenian economic situation based on?farming and trade
what was the name of the war in between Sparta and also Ahens in 431 b.c.?phelponesian war
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