You can use the AutoCorrect function to exactly typos and misspelled words, as well as to insertsymbols and other pieces of text. AutoCorrect is set up through default with a list of typicalmisspellings and symbols, yet you can modify the list that AutoCorrect uses.

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In Excel Options, Word Options and also PowerPoint Options dialog boxes, ~ above theProofing tab, select the AutoCorrect Options... button:



In addition to replacing one wire of text with another, Office has actually four added AutoCorrectsettings:


When you examine the Correct 2 INitial CApitals box, AutoCorrect examines each wordyou form in one Office program; if that detects a word the starts v two consecutive resources andthat word shows up in the dictionary, Word changes the second letter come lowercase.

For example, if girlfriend miscapitalize AHead, Word alters it to Ahead; but if youtype JScript, CDnow, or XYwrite, Word pipeline it alone. You can wantto override AutoCorrect on certain two-capital combine such together GOpher. Todo so, click the Exceptions button.

You deserve to bypass this dialog box and automatically add words that begin with two resources letters tothe Exceptions perform by immediately undoing the change. If you form GOpher, forexample, and Word, Publisher, or PowerPoint "corrects" the entry come Gopher, click theAutoCorrect clever Tag for the adjusted text and choose Stop immediately CorrectingGOpher indigenous the activity menu. (You can also press Ctrl+Z in any kind of application toundo the change.) Office restores the 2nd capital letter and adds words to theExceptions perform in one operation. To disable this feature, click the Exceptionsbutton on the AutoCorrect dialog box and also clear the Automatically add Words come Listcheck box.

The Capitalize an initial letter that sentence crate presupposes that Office have the right to recognize once you"restarting a new sentence. That"s not straightforward task. If this setting causes Office come makecapitalization mistakes more frequently than you like, revolve it off. Office usually assumes thatyou"re around to begin a brand-new sentence once it detects the existence of a duration followed through a space,but tempers that judgment by a lengthy list the exceptions, consisting of approx. And also corp., which rarelysignal the finish of a sentence.The Capitalize surname of days check box functions as you would expect.The Correct accidental usage of hat LOCK key examine box, however, comes right into play only once youtype one lowercase letter, followed by advertise the Caps Lock key, and then continue typing.With this box checked, Office turns the very first character right into a capital, makes the other characterslowercase, and turns off the Caps Lock function.

Word provides two more AutoCorrect inspect boxes, which space also available in Outlook:

The first, Capitalize first letter the table cells, works lot like the Capitalize very first letterof sentences setting.

The second option, Automatically usage suggestions from the assignment checker, configures word toconsult the spelling checker if the usual AutoCorrect lookup doesn"t uncover the word in question inthe AutoCorrect list. If the assignment checker comes back with one-and just one-suggested correctspelling, words you typed is replaced with the one readily available by the spell checker.

See additionally this guideline in French:Définir les alternatives de correction automatique.

If girlfriend encountered a bug or desire to indicate a attribute in Microsoft Office, us recommend you call Microsoft Support. We are not a division, a subsidiary, or a contractor of Microsoft Corporation, and we space not responsible for your decisions. Also, we are not responsible for accessibility configuration or software application updates in your company. Contact your company support team and install latest updates prior to asking questions.

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Creating AutoCorrect Exceptions

As well as AutoCorrect entries, girlfriend can create AutoCorrect exception - specific terms whenyou don"t desire AutoCorrect to replace text once it typically would.
The AutoCorrect dialog box consists of a range of alternatives that manage automatic substitutions whichare divided in 2 tabs: The AutoCorrect tab and the AutoFormat as You Type tab.
Today a lot of of information is shared, legit or not. Many civilization use shared information from web orfrom various other sources, however now all information you want to share. Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint filesoften contain surprise or an individual information, such together revisions or comments, the others deserve to access.Depending on the nature of the information, this might place you in an embarrassing or even compromisingposition.

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