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The banker is trying to prove that capital punishment is an ext humane 보다 imprisonment for life. The lawyer is trying come prove that even solitary confinement is preferable to funding punishment. Naturally there has to be a big sum of money connected or else the lawyer would certainly not consent to...

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The banker is trying come prove that funding punishment is more humane 보다 imprisonment for life. The lawyer is trying to prove that also solitary confinement is preferable to funding punishment. Normally there has to be a large sum the money affiliated or else the lawyer would not consent to being retained in solitary confinement for fifteen years. The banker is so convinced that that is best that that doesn"t intend the lawyer to critical in his confinement for much more than a few years, for this reason the banker doesn"t intend to shed anything except the price of providing for the prisoner"s needs. The discussion did not initially involve solitary confinement. The banker only preserved that life in jail was much more cruel 보다 execution. But somehow the gambling got approximately to solitary confinement versus execution. This must have actually been due to the fact that Chekhov witnessed that he had no means of dramatizing a situation in which the banker can keep the lawyer locked up through a most other males in a maximum-security prison. The banker might afford to carry out a sort of prison for one man however he had actually to be retained in solitary confinement. However, the condition of solitary confinement was ameliorated through the fact that, ~ all, the lawyer did not need to spend his whole life in a prison but only fifteen year of his life. Furthermore, the banker detailed generously because that his prisoner. The even offered to give him wine with his meals. The lawyer was more than likely smart to refuse the wine because he can have end up being a hopeless alcoholic throughout his confinement. He might have remained drunk all the time simply to do his imprisonment much more endurable. What type of a prison offers wine for the prisoners? The lawyer was undoubtedly gaining gourmet meals too, as well as all the publications he wanted to read. Therefore Chekhov added these small nuances to the gambling in bespeak to consist of for the facts the he could not show the lawyer living out his whole life in a prison through the company of other men. The banker and the lawyer must have actually been different varieties of men. The banker must have actually been an extrovert due to the fact that he believed solitary confinement to be unendurable. The lawyer, top top the various other hand, must have been an introvert who had actually what are usually called "inner resources." The banker loves money due to the fact that he has no "inner resources." so the bet might only prove that funding punishment is preferable come some men while life imprison is preferable come others.

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An earlier Russian writer, Fyodor Dostoevsky, created memorably around prison life in The home of the Dead. The great American novelist Theodore Dreiser wrote about solitary confinement in prison in The Financier. Jack London wrote an intriguing yet little-known quick novel around solitary confinement in The Star Rover.