The Bold and the Beautiful is relatively newer contrasted to various other iconic soaps top top the air right now, together it just began ago in the so late ’80s, but regardless the its short tenure, it has still stood the check of time! it is taken into consideration a sister show to The Young and the Restless as numerous of the characters have overcome over between these two mirrors featuring the Bell family of wilhelm J. Bell and also Lee Phillip Bell and the stylish Forrester family. The Bold and the Beautiful has won 31 Daytime Emmy’s and also has a vast audience of about 26.2 million viewers! It’s certainly a effective series, and also with such a long running history we’ve checked out many characters come and go end the years, but this list takes a look at at several of the present cast and also the most iconic stars that have appeared on the present to see exactly how much they are worth now!

12. Ronn Moss

Estimated network Worth: $12 million.

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Ronn Moss is a effective actor and also musician with a surprisingly quick resume, however despite this he’s controlled to build really high net worth. At an early stage in his career he landing the function of Ridge Forrester top top The Bold and the Beautiful, a function he maintained for 25 year from 1987 to 2012. He is additionally a member of the band Player, a team that is signed come RSO Records. The band has actually been reasonably successful and also in 2015 also embarked top top a little tour. He has actually dabbled in a pair other soap operas favor the Australian program, Rove Live, General Hospital and also the Belgian soap Familie. Today, Ronn is worth a lining $12 million.

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7. Alley Mills

Estimated network Worth: $2 million. Alley Mills has a large list of exhilaration credits to her name! She began out working on films appearing in Diary of a foolish Housewife, going Berserk and A golden Christmas, however she soon made the move to tv which is where the majority of her credits now are. Her most notable roles have actually been as Norma Arnold on The Wonder Years and her current duty as Pamela Douglas ~ above The Bold and the Beautiful. She’s additionally had big roles ~ above The Associates, Making the Grade, Hill Street Blues, Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman and Yes, Dear. Mills has made numerous appearances on series like Sabrina, the Teenage Witch, NYPD Blue, Touched by an Angel, Strong Medicine, and also Popular. However, she latest and also biggest money making function has to be on The Bold and also the Beautiful indigenous 2006 come 2015. Alley Mills is right now worth an approximated $2 million.

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6. Linsey Godfrey

Estimated network Worth: $600 thousand. Linsey Godfrey hasn’t been exhilaration for as lengthy as few of her peers, yet she’s quiet doing fairly well for herself. Linsey did a couple of movies choose The Culling and also Altergeist, but nothing remarkable in the movie industry. She main focus has to be on tv with appearances top top One Tree Hill, Surface, NCIS, Cold Case, CSI: Miami and also Wizards of Waverly Place. Godfrey’s biggest acting credits room her current and also regular role on The Bold and also the Beautiful together Caroline Spencer Forrester, and also as the exact same character ~ above The Young and also the Restless. Now she’s precious a low $600 thousand, yet it is early on in her career so her success will certainly only proceed to grow!



5. Rena Sofer

Estimated network Worth: $3 million. Rena Sofer’s acting resume is stacked with a long list of projects! She’s operated in both film and also television with a long list that credits on each side. She film career has actually not been as considerable as is on television. She’s mainly worked on made-for-TV movies and had small roles in attribute films. Her two best performances have actually been on the daytime soap series General Hospital as Lois Cerullo, which earned her an Emmy award and also on The Bold and also the Beautiful as Quinn Fuller. In addition to these two key roles, Sofer had roles on collection like Melrose Place, Oh, grow Up, Ed, The Chronicle, Coupling, simply Shoot Me!, NCIS, 24, Heroes, Covert Affairs and Blind Justice. She’s also done one episode appearances on shows like Once upon a Time, Chicago PD, House M.D., Two and also a fifty percent Men, Criminal Minds, Medium, Royal Pains, Bones, Monk and also The Glades…just to surname a few. Rena Sofer is one of the most credited actresses ~ above this list and it’s paid off because she’s worth an approximated $3 million!



4. Scott Clifton

Estimated net Worth: Unknown. Clifton is one actor, musician and video clip blogger. That is many widely recognized for his time top top General Hospital together Dillon Quartermaine, however in 2007 he left that function to go after a short career on One Life to Live together Schuyler Joplin. ~ only appearing on that soap series for one year, the rebounded with his current role as Liam Spencer top top The Bold and also the Beautiful. Clifton is a young soap actor, but he currently has 3 Emmy wins under his belt! before he hopping top top the soap train, the did plenty of guest appearances on the famous series Roswell, Undressed and Judging Amy. His net worth is mainly unknown which is surprising considering he’s been quite successful in the soap industry, yet he is tho young therefore we can expect much more from this actor! He’s probably sitting on a network worth somewhere roughly $600 to $800 thousand.



3. Heath Tom

Estimated net Worth: $4 million. heath Tom is one more actress on this list with an extremely successful job behind her. Her most notable exhilaration credits have actually been as Victoria Newman ~ above The Young and also the Restless, Kelly Cramer on One Life come Live, and also Katie Logan ~ above The Bold and also the Beautiful. She has actually done a couple of films in the span of she career, however nothing notable. She main emphasis has been tv with many regular series roles. In enhancement to the popular soap characters she’s maintained, Tom has likewise appeared on series like Who’s the Boss?, Law & Order: SVU, The Wedding Bells, Monk, Ugly Betty, The Mentalist, Criminal Minds and Unforgettable. Heather has been appearing in her current function on The Bold and the Beautiful because 2007 and it doesn’t seem choose she’s going everywhere anytime soon! Her net worth is sitting pretty high in ~ an approximated $4 million.

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2. Katherine Kelly Lang

Estimated net Worth: $1.5 million. In addition to she co-star john McCook, Katherine Kelly Lang stop the location of the longest to run character on The Bold and also the Beautiful as Brooke Logan. Lang has actually been exhilaration in this role since 1987! having actually such a long standing role way she hasn’t done lot else in her career. She held a guest function on B&B’s sister show The Young and the Restless earlier in 1981 and she’s showed up in a few television movies, yet other than that she’s fully specialized to her function on The Bold and also the Beautiful. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! Her absence of credits pipeline her v a low network worth (it might be a bit greater than this), however she’s tho comfortable v an estimated $1.5 million.

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1. John McCook

Estimated network Worth: $6 million. man McCook is another one the those above soap actors who haven’t strayed much from their soap opera roots, therefore his resume is short, however mighty. McCook is one of the longest standing actors on The Bold and also the Beautiful in addition to Katherine Kelly Lang. He’s held his duty as Eric Forrester consecutively because the present began earlier in 1987! prior to he landing this iconic role, he acted as Lance Prentiss top top The Young and the Restless indigenous 1976 come 1980. McCook’s loyalty has actually paid off because he’s now worth an estimated $6 million!

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