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Central location to watch alerts and also take actions concerned things that need your attention.

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Address barDisplays your present location in the folder framework as a collection of links separated through arrows.
Administrator accountAllows complete access to the computer
Aero upper and lower reversal 3DArranges your open windows in a three-dimensional stack that you can flip thru conveniently without having to click buttons ~ above the taskbar
Aero PeekTechnology that assists you as soon as you have actually multiple windows open by permitting you to check out either the desktop computer that is behind open up windows
Aero ShakeMoving the computer mouse vigorously ago and forth on the title bar to have all other open up windows minimize
All ProgramsArea ~ above Start menu that screens programs on your computer system that are available
ApplicationsAnother term for a program.
AutoPlayA home windows 7 function that screens when you plug in or insert media or storage devices.
BIOS (Basic Input/Output System)A program installed by a computer's manufacturer the runs in ~ startup, checks the hardware devices, and then loads the operation system.
Booting the computerThe procedure of transforming on a computer system when the computer system has been fully shut down and during i m sorry the BIOS program will run.
CascadeAn plan of open windows top top your display that display in a solitary stack fans out so that each location bar is visible.
Case SensitiveA requirement, particularly for computer passwords, in which capitalization must enhance each time the personalities are typed.
ClickThe action of pressing the left computer mouse button.
ComputerA command on the Start food selection that displays a home window from i m sorry you deserve to you can access disk drives, cameras, printers, scanners and other hardware linked to your computer.
Content ViewA folder in i beg your pardon the files display a vertical list that consists of the program icon, the date the record was critical modified, the paper size, and other properties together as author names or tags
Control PanelA home window from which you deserve to customize the appearance and functionality of her computer, add or eliminate programs, set up network connections, and also manage user accounts.
DataAll the files- documents, spreadsheets, pictures, songs, and so on- that you create and also store throughout the day-to-day use of your computer.
Data ManagementThe process of regulating your files and also folders in an organized manner so the you can uncover information once you require it.
DesktopServes together a surface for her work, the main display screen area the you see after you turn on her computer.
Desktop BackgroundDisplays the color and graphics of her desktop.
Details PaneDisplays the most usual properties associated with the selected file.
Double-clickThe activity of pushing the left mouse switch twice in rapid succession while holding the computer mouse still.
DragThe action of moving something from one ar on the screen to one more while holding down the left mouse button.
DriveAn area that storage the is formatted through a file system compatible v your operation system and also is determined by a letter.
FileA arsenal of informaiton that is save on a computer system under a solitary name.
File ListDisplays the contents of the existing folder or library.
File PropertiesInformation about a file such together its author, the day the paper was last changed, and also description tags.
FilteredA display screen of papers that is minimal based on specific criteria.
FolderA container in which you store files
Folder StructureThe power structure of folders in windows 7
Free-Form SnipWhen using snipping Tool, the form of snip that allows you draw an irregular line, such together a circle, about an area the the screen.
Full-Screen SnipWhen using snipping Tool, the device of snip the captures the entire screen.
Full-Screen window PreviewIn the Aero peek technology, the ablility to peek at a home window that is surprise from see by other windows.
Getting StartedIn windows 7, a task-centered group of web links to tools that can aid you, and also add brand-new features to her computer.
Graphical User InterfaceThe system by which you communicate with your computer and also which provides graphics such as an image of a document folder or wastebasket the you click to activate the item represented.
Guest AccountA user account for users who do not have actually a long-term account on the computer; the permits just temporary access to the computer
GUIThe acronym for a graphical user interface.
Hard disk DriveThe major storage machine located inside her computer and where many of your files and programs are commonly stored; generally labeled together drive C.
HierarchyAn plan where items are ranked and also where each level is reduced in rank 보다 the item over it.
IconsSmall pictures that stand for commands, files, or various other windows.
Insertion PointA blinking vertical line that shows where message or graphics will be inserted.
JPEGThe acronym because that Joint Photographic specialists Group the is a common record type used by digital cameras and computers to keep digital pictures.
Jump ListA perform that display screens when friend right-click a button on the taskbar, and also which displays location and also tasks indigenous a program's taskbar button; attributes as a mini start menu for a program.
LibraryA arsenal of items, such as files and also folders, assembled from miscellaneous locations.
Library PaneEnables you to customize the library or arrange files by different record properties. This pane screens only once you are in the library, such as papers library.
LocationAny disc drive, folder, or other place in i beg your pardon you have the right to store files and folders.
LockA process that set your computer so the your password is forced to log back on to your desktop.
Log OffA procedure that exits the active user account native Windows, and also then screens the Welcome screen ready for an additional user to log in on.
MenuA list of commands within a category.
Menu BarA group of menus in ~ the peak of a regimen window.
MetadataThe data that defines other data.
Mouse PointerAny prize that screens on your display in an answer to relocating your mouse.
Name ConvertionA arrangement that gives a constent pattern for nameing files and folders on her computer.
NavigateTo discover within the folder framework of windows Vista for the function of recognize files and folders.
Navigation PaneThe area ~ above the left side of a folder window; it display screens favorites, libraries, and also an expandable perform of drives and folders.
NetworkA team of computer systems or various other devices, such together printers and scanners, which communicate either wirelessly or by making use of a physical connection.
Network notice IconIn the an alert area, an symbol that screens the standing of your network.
Notification AreaDisplays notice icons and the mechanism clock; sometimes referred to as the system tray.
Operating SystemA computer system program the manages all the other programs on her computer.
PaintA regimen that comes with Windows 7 v which you deserve to create and also edit drawings and display save on computer photos.
PathA sequence of folders the leads come a specific paper or folder.
Personal FolderA folder produced for each user account, labeled with the account holder's name, and which includes the subfolders Documents, Pictures, Music, among others; always located at the optimal of the start Menu.
PinnedPlacing program on the Start food selection in a manner that continues to be until you remove it.
PointThe activity of relocating the computer mouse pointer end something on the screen.
PointerAny price that display screens on your screen in response to relocating your mouse and also with which friend can select objects and commands.
Pointer DeviceA mouse, touchpad, or other machine that controls the guideline position top top the screen.
Preview DesktopIn the Aero peek technology, the capability to emergence at the desktop that is behind open windows.
Preview PaneAn additional pane ~ above the appropriate side of the document list to display screen a preview the a file that you choose in the record list.
ProgramA set of instructions that a computer uses to accomplish a task, such as word processing, accounting, or data management; also referred to as an application.
Rectangular SnipWhen using clipping Tools, the form of snip that lets you draw a specific box by dragging the mouse pointer about an area that the display screen to form a rectangle.
Recycle BinA folder the stores anything that you delete from your computer, and from which anything stored there deserve to be retrieved till the contents are permanently deleted by activating a command.
Removable warehouse DeviceA portable device on i m sorry you can store files, such together a USB speed drive, a flash memory card, or an external hard drive, commonly used to transfer information from one computer system to another.
ResourcesA term provided to refer jointly to the components of your computer such together the main processing unit, memory, and any attached devices such as a printer.
RestartA process that transforms your computer system off and then ~ above again throughout which time the device cache is cleared; helpful if your computer system is operating slowly or having technical problems, or after installing brand-new software or software updates.
Right-ClickThe action of click the right computer mouse button.
Screen CaptureAn image record that contains the materials of a computer system screen.
Screen ShotThe term supplied for an image of the contents of a computer screen.
Screen TipUseful details that display screens in a tiny box top top the screen when girlfriend perform various mouse actions, such together pointing to display elements.
Scroll ArrowArrows in ~ the top and bottom, or left and right, of a scroll bar that when clicked, relocated the window in little increments.
Scroll BarA bar that displays on the bottom or ideal side the a home window when the contents of a window are not totally visible; offered to move the window up, down, left, or best to carry the contents into view.
Scroll BoxA crate in a upright or horizontal scroll bar the you traction to reposition the file on the screen.
Search BoxAn area ~ above the Start food selection from i m sorry you can search for programs, files, folders, and also e-mail messages.
SelectTo specify, by highlighting, a block of data or message on the display screen with the will of preforming some action on the selection.
Shortcut MenuA food selection that display screens when the ideal mouse button is clicked once.
ShortcutsDesktop symbols that link to any type of item accessible on your computer system or ~ above a network, such together a program, file, folder, disk drive printer, or one more computer.
Show desktop ButtonDisplays the desktop computer by making any open window transparent or minimized.
Shut DownTurning off your computer system in a manner that closes all open programs and files, closes your network connections, stops the hard disk, and also discontinues the use of electric power.
Side by SideAn plan of open windows top top your screen next to each other.
SleepTurning off your computer system in a manner that immediately saves your work, stop the fan, and uses a little amount the electical power to keep your job-related in memory.
SnapA home window 7 feature that automatically resizes windows once you move them come the edge of the screen.
Snipping ToolsA program contained with windows 7 with which you have the right to capture an image of all or component of a computer screen.
Speakers IconDisplays the condition of your speakers.
Split ButtonA switch that has two parts- a button and also an arrow; click the main component of the switch performs a command and also clicking the arrow opens a meny v choices.
StackedAn arrangement of open up windows on your screen that display each window across the width of the screen.
Standard User AccountA user account that allows you use many of the capability of the computer, however requires permission kind an administrator to make alters that influence other customers or the protection of the computer.
Start ButtonDisplays the begin Menu- a list of selections that provides accessibility to her compture's programs, folders and also setting.
Start MenuA perform of choices that provides accessibility to your computer's programs, and also settings once you push the begin button.
SubfolderA folder in ~ a folder.
System CacheAn area of the computer's memory where Windows 7 stores information it requirements to accessibility quickly.
System TrayAnother name for the an alert area top top the taskbar.
TagsA custom document property that you develop to assist find and also organize your files.
TaskbarThe area the the desktop computer that contains the begin button, optional routine buttons, and buttons for all open programs; through default, it is loced at the bottom of the desktop, yet you have the right to move it.
ThumbnailA diminished image that a graphic.
Title BarThe bar across the optimal of the home window that screens the routine name.
ToolbarA row, column, or block the buttons or icons, normally displayed across the height of a window, i beg your pardon contains regulates for work you have the right to perform with a solitary click.
User AccountA arsenal of imformation that tells windows 7 what files and also folders the account holder deserve to access, what transforms the account holder have the right to make to the computer system system, and also what the account holder's an individual preferences are.
WallpaperAnother term for the desktop background.
WindowA rectangle-shaped area top top your screen that screens programs and also content, and also which have the right to be moved, resized, and also minimized, or closed.
Window SnipWhen using snipping Tools, the type of snip that captures the whole window.
Windows 7An opterating system developed by Microsoft Corporation.
Windows ExplorerThe regimen within windows 7 that display screens the content of libraries, folders, and also files top top the computer, and which also allows you come perform work related to your files and folders such together copying, moving, and also renaming.
Windows help and SupportThe built- in assist system for windows 7.

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Word WheelA lookup method in i beg your pardon each brand-new character that you type into the search box additional refines the search.