There are numerous voices strategically positioned come drown the end the voice that the divine Spirit. Here"s exactly how to fine-tune her hearing.

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What plays would certainly Colin Kaepernick call as the quarterback in this game dubbed life, wherein faith and belief space must-haves to overcome the goal line of purpose?
The body of Christ has every little thing it needs to be unified teammates ~ above Team Jesus. It is in the answer come "Father, make them one."

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Normally, on Wednesdays, I pick a topic connected to whatever I need assist with, find 3-4 bibles pertaining to it, and also then do it my meditation for the day.

I set my alarm because that every hour depending upon what time i start. Mostly, I carry out it top top the hour. For instance, when I to be thinking heavily (worrying), I choose “trust” together my meditation, discover 3-4 bibles relating to trust, and also on the hour, I review those scriptures and pray for God come teach me to to trust Him more.

<Word that Wisdom: don’t ask him to carry out this till you room ready. Not nearly ready, however ready-ready.>

Today, I chose to go a various route. Ns asked God, instead, “What would certainly You have me meditate and pray top top today, Lord?”

He said, “Focus.”

Word that the Day

So, i stuck mine finger in the Bible and it opened to Exodus 24-25. Unequal the various other times where God would certainly confirm what the told me, ns didn’t see words focus anywhere. But, this verse caught my eye:

“Then Moses entered the cloud together he went on increase the mountain.And he stayed there forty days and forty nights.”Exodus 24:18 (NIV)

Revelation: Moses remained in the visibility of God, together the glory that the lord had resolved there. And for fourty days and forty nights, his eyes were focused on God.

Furthermore, at the end of the fourty days, he come down v the Commandments and his challenge was radiant (Exodus 34:29-30). The people roughly him to be afraid to come near.

Team, we have actually a word today.

But first…

Beyond your Curtains

We deserve to look into a home window and view what is housed behind it. Windows are likewise a protection versus the facets while simultaneously enabling light in. As soon as the sun is particularly hot or bright, prefer in the southern states, occasionally we put a tint on the window to diminish the heat. As soon as the nighttime comes, we close the blinds for the services of privacy; darkness continues to be on the exterior unless we choose to venture into it.

What the heart takes in, the soul takes on. What seeps with the home window can illuminate or darken. If your eyes take it it in, it i do not care a component of you.

And, sometimes what us take in diminishes or destroys ours focus.

What Does our Playbook Say around Focus?

“Why space you under in the dumps, to ~ soul? Why are you crying the blues? resolve my eye on God – soon I will certainly be praising again. The puts a laugh on mine face. He is my God.” (Psalm 42:5)

When our eyes are not concentrated on God, us forget to praise. We forget that troubles space temporary. We forget come smile and also to rejoice in the Lord. Our problem become part of ours identity. A part of united state becomes bitter, saddened, and also averse to praise.

This does not in any method mean that we overlook what we’re facing. Together the saying goes, “Denial is a river in Egypt.” The flow keeps flowing even if it is you look straight at it or revolve your back. Yet what it claims is the you being down in the dumps and also crying the blues takes far from your capacity to focus on God in stimulate to overcome the river and also get to the various other side of it.

“God teach me lessons for living so I deserve to STAY THE COURSE. Offer me understanding so I have the right to do what friend tell me – my totality life one lengthy obedient response.” (Psalm 119:33-34)

Let’s think around the flow again.

In stimulate to continue to be the course, we have to remain concentrated on God. The minute we look left or right, we start to swim one of two people left or right rather of directly ahead towards the goal.

Where your eyes go, you will follow. The an ext insight or inside vision indigenous spiritual eye we have actually the better we’ll watch what God is trying to show and tell us. I recognize we hear through our ears, however insight is choose seeing, hearing, and understanding all at once. It’s once a thing clicks and also you have actually no factor to have construed it other than through oh my god revelation come you.

“I save my eyes constantly on the Lord. With Him in ~ my ideal hand, I will certainly not be shaken.” (Psalm 16:8)

When us swear a solemn oath, we location our ideal hand on the Bible. It way that we will certainly stand in truth. As soon as we say who is our appropriate hand, it way they are our go-to, our ace. If we go into a dangerous case (like cross a raging river) through Ace, we understand that every little thing happens they no going to abandon us. It increases our confidence and gives us the ability to focus on our job without worry.

Think about this. Jesus is sit at the right hand that the Father. If that (The Way, The Truth, and also The Life) can be the best hand come THE most HIGH GOD, He have the right to surely be trusted to be yours! Besides, who have the right to you trust much more that someone who’d offer His life for you?

Someone who’s currently done so.

Now, earlier to Moses…

The Israelites were afraid come come close to Moses due to the fact that their eye were not accustomed come the glory of the Lord. Your days had been invested in the darkness of your false gods. God’s civilization were provided to average. They were used to everyone looking the same and also sounding the same. Lock were offered to being afraid the being who God referred to as them come be.

The reality is, sometimes, we’re Moses. And also sometimes, we have actually surely to be the Israelites. Prior to Christ, right, Team? yet let’s talk as if you to be Moses (who was scared in ~ first).

Moses had been in the presence of the Lord and also came down v a gift from God to present to the Israelites. It is why when you branch out and do the new thing the God has given you to do, you obtain criticized and attacked. THE irradiate of the lord SHINING with YOUR home windows is past the worldly understanding of the Israelites. They can’t also make eye contact with you since they’d be blinded. Or, they might be compelled to check out their very own unwillingness come step right into who God has called them come be.

In any kind of case, we have to shield our eyes from the influence of the world and also those who prefer to carry out everything but focus on God.

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So, what’s the beat Call?

It comes directly from Psalm 121:1-2:

“I background my eye to the hills, whereby does my help come from? My help comes from the Lord, the maker of heaven and also earth.”

Remember the power, strength, and also guidance the God supplies to those who keep their eyes on the hills – at the mountaintops wherein the glory that the Lord stayed with Moses. If we, choose Moses, emphasis on the Lord, He will certainly send you out v a hope and a promise that is better than any of your problems combined. And He will provide you the ability to watch the solution that He has purposed for you.