If you space unable to access iTunes as result of “iTunes Library.itl” cannot Be check out Error, you will certainly find listed below the actions to settle this trouble on Mac and Windows computer.

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File “iTunes Library.itl” cannot be read Error

Users have reported gift unable to accessibility iTunes Library indigenous their computer system due to an error reading “File iTunes Library.itl can not Be Read due to the fact that it was created by a newer Version that iTunes”.

This iTunes error typically occurs after installation updates top top Mac and also after upgrading iTunes top top a windows computer.

A straightforward fix because that this error is to replace the current “iTunes Library.itl” document on your computer with the many recent previous variation from “Previous iTunes Library” Folder.

If you space unable to find “Previous iTunes Library” Folder, the concern can still be fixed by renaming iTunes Library.itl to iTunes Library.old.

However, this leader to ns of her iTunes Library, which girlfriend will have to rebuild indigenous scratch.

1. Settle “iTunes Library.itl” cannot be read Error top top Mac

Follow the steps listed below to delete iTunes Library.itl file on your Mac.

1. click on the Finder symbol on her MacBook.

2. Next, click the walk tab in top-menu bar and select go To Folder choice in the drop-down menu.


3. In walk to Folder window, type /Users/your username/Music and click on Go.


4. In Music Folder, open iTunes Folder > right-click top top iTunes Library.itl record and Rename the record as iTunes Library.old.


5. Now, open Previous iTunes Libraries Folder > choose iTunes Library.itl paper with the many recent date and also copy the record to iTunes Folder.


6. Rename the duplicated iTunes Library paper to iTunes Library.itl.

7. Restart iTunes on her Mac.

This have to fix the iTunes error on her Mac and also also assist you recover your iTunes Library as much as the date of replicated iTunes Library.itl File.

2. Resolve “iTunes Library.itl” can not be check out Error on home windows PC

In instance of windows computer, we space unable to find “Previous iTunes Library” Folder. Hence, the only accessible option in our situation was come disable the existing Library.itl File.

1. Open document Explorer on your computer.


2. On paper Explorer screen, navigate come C:UsersMusiciTunes Folder and Rename iTunes Library.itl file to iTunes Library.old.


3. Restart iTunes on her computer.

Now, girlfriend should have the ability to open iTunes without encountering any kind of error messages. However, as stated above, you will certainly be landing top top a empty Music Database.

How to recoup Music Library there is no Previous iTunes Folder

If you perform not have the “Previous iTunes Folder” or any kind of Files in that Folder, you can still settle the error by renaming iTunes Library.itl document to iTunes Library.old.

You will have the ability to start iTunes without any type of problem, but you will certainly not uncover your Library in iTunes.

If you space on Mac, her iTunes Library have to be eventually downloaded, anytime iCloud data syncs with your Mac.

You may need to wait as it bring away time for iCloud data to sync come Mac, which have to hopefully bring back your library.

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Windows individuals might have the ability to get ago their iTunes Library using paper History backup or by utilizing a device Restore point.