The fog comeson tiny cat feet.It sits lookingover harbor and also cityon quiet haunchesand climate moves on.

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i think that this city is yes, really a metiphor for exactly how life is and functions. One day the perfect girl comes you hesitate the next thing you understand she"s gone. Also life in basic you come from work and also you walk to obtain your day-to-day dose od mcdonalds friend swallow and also you have a love attack and die at age thirty two. Her life is gone similar to the fog.

together gentleness is in this small poem - photos of fog rise in, spreading silence end all, awe and mystery and peace. (For a lifetime, this has been my favourite poem.)

Langston Hughes did indeed write a city he licensed has been granted "Fog", yet it"s not this one. This one is every Sandburg.

bob b, Your are wrong, Langston Hughes go not compose FOG, it to be Sandburg and also was first published in 1916. Hughes was only 16 at that time. Hughes had actually nothing released until 1921. Do your research!

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