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Did you watch a Mr. Coffee ice tea maker sitting top top the shelf as soon as you were at the store searching for a coffee maker? walk you have actually a tiny laugh thinking why invest money on an iced tea machine when you have the right to boil water, brew tea, and also ice it yourself at home? For for free! That human being used to it is in me, and also now here I am v instructions on how to make iced tea in a Mr. Coffee Iced Tea Maker!

Years ago my parental rented a home in sunlight City, Arizona for the winter. Ns came under to visit because that a week and during among our walks approximately town we passed a second hand store. In the home window was one iced tea maker. Ns pointed the out and laughed, reasoning that to be a rubbish of money. Why purchase a machine? conserve money, cook water in her kettle, brew tea, and also put ice cream cubes in it.

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The laugh’s ~ above me.

A couple of years later when I chose to uncover a healthier different to diet pop, ns remembered the iced tea maker. I viewed the stores, however it was nowhere to be found.


In fact, to this day, Mr. Coffee go not sell iced tea equipments in Canada, despite they offer their coffee devices up here. What’s up with that? only Americans reap iced tea? we can’t also buy fresh brewed iced tea or sweet tea in restaurants.

I headed over to eBay and also found a offered one on auction and also bought it because that $5. Iced tea all set to drink in 10 minutes. Ns was hooked.

Of food the an enig to iced tea in 10 minute is that it brews right into a pitcher full of ice.

Over the years I’ve had to change the iced tea machine, mostly as result of the plastic components wearing the end after a few years the being offered at least once a week. The handle damaged off the pitcher that the an initial iced tea an equipment I bought from eBay. Stunner glue resolved that. As soon as I purchase a new one, I provided that old one come friends that still usage it.

Start turn off buying a Mr. Coffee Iced Tea Maker. They have the right to only be bought in the states, and fortunately ns live close enough to journey down and buy a new one as needed, or i remember to choose a new one up when I’m vacationing in the states. My walk to ar to purchase a Mr. Coffee Iced Tea device is Wal-Mart.

The price of a Mr. Coffee Iced Tea maker has remained pretty stable over the year at Wal-Mart. That costs around $20, yet I’ve viewed the price shake up and also down by about $2. Sometimes they’re ~ above sale!

The Mr. Coffee Iced Tea maker is also accessible on Amazon.

(Disclosure: if you click the link in the over photo and also purchase indigenous Amazon, I’ll get a tiny commission because that the referral.)


The an initial thing is to to fill the pitcher through water. You’ll notice there are fill lines at the bottom the the pitcher, depending upon whether you want 1, 2, or 3 quarts. Let’s make it easy. Choose the 3 quart level. The iced tea is going to disappear fast!


Open the lid on the Mr. Coffee Iced Tea Maker, eliminate the tea basket (it just lifts right out, it’s no attached to anything), and pour the water right into the reservoir. You will certainly also notification at the prior of the iced tea maker that over there is a see-through area with lines for how many quarts the iced tea you’re making. It’s an extremely important no to overfill previous the 3 quart line or the water will certainly spill out onto your counter during the brewing process!


Put the tea basket earlier in and put her tea bags inside. You can likewise use loose tea, yet you’ll have to buy coffee filters and also put one in the basket first. The amount of tea bags will certainly vary depending on how lot water you’re using and also your an individual taste. Because that the 3 quart level, use between 4 and 6 tea bags. I like fruit organic teas and also I uncover that making use of 4 bags is sufficient.


Close the lid. Choose the toughness of the tea, between mild and solid by pushing the dial to the wanted setting. I typically choose strong with the 4 tea bags.


Then fill the pitcher v ice. Again, friend will check out lines ~ above the side of the pitcher for the level of ice cream cubes to it is in used relying on whether you’re unavoidable 1, 2, or 3 quarts that iced tea. Because that the 3 quart level, that method filling the pitcher pretty lot to the top. I discover that take away 5 trays of ice cream cubes. Placed the pitcher lid back on, ensuring the larger opening is facing the pouring spout. The lid has two pouring options, on opposite ends. One is a complete opening so when you pour, the ice cubes can come out through the tea. The various other side has actually grates on it, avoiding ice cubes poured right into your glass.


Push the pitcher snug up versus the Mr. Coffee Iced Tea Maker. Fail to do so way iced tea will be leaking on her counter!

Make sure your maker is plugged in.


There’s a button on the next of the Mr. Coffee Iced Tea Maker, towards the bottom. On my machine, once I’m facing it, it’s top top the reduced left side. This is no an on/off button. As soon as you press the button, one orange light come on and stays on till the tea is finished brewing.

There is no off switch. If you should stop the tea brew process, unplug the machine. The Mr. Coffee Iced Tea an equipment has a memory on that timer. If friend unplug the machine, the next time you plug the in, the will proceed the unavoidable process. Carry out not allow that an equipment brew without water in the reservoir. If you’ve make a mistake, unplug the machine. Remove your tea. Remove the ice cream cubes (if you acquired that far). Make sure you have water in the reservoir and plug the device in again. Let that run through the brewing, and when it’s finished, throw out the warm water.


It takes around 10 minutes and the iced tea is ready! store an eye ~ above the an equipment when the light switch goes out. There could still be tea in the basket that hasn’t dripped into the pitcher. If so, just leave the a few more minutes till there’s no tea left in the basket.

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You’re all set to drink a glass the iced tea you’ve brewed in your Mr. Coffee Iced Tea Maker. Fast and easy! Enjoy!

One more note, I desire to say that Sunbeam, the manufacturers that the Mr. Coffee Iced Tea device offer the best customer service. Alas, one time I ended up through a defective an equipment and they changed it because that free. Lock wouldn’t ship it come Canada since it’s not sold below – even though us Canadians like iced tea too! They sent a replacement iced tea device to a friend’s deal with just over the border in Washington and I drove under to gain it. Check out that story here.