The civilization Tourism company is the leading global organization in the ar of travel and tourism. That serves as a an international forum for tourism plan issues and a practical source of travel know-how. That membership consists of 138 countries and also territories and more than 350 Affiliate Members representing local government, travel associations and also private sector companies, consisting of airlines, hotel groups and also tour operators. V its headquarters in Madrid, WTO is one inter-governmental human body entrusted by the United countries with the promotion and advancement of tourism.

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The 33rd Joint meeting of the civilization Tourism organization’s Commission for east Asia and the Pacific and also its board of directors for southern Asia (14 September 2021) came on the ago of a challenging year because that the region.

Innovation, partnerships and amplified coordination are important for do wine travel a driver the rural development. The was the takeaway post from the 5th UNWTO global Conference on alcohol Tourism, organized this main in Alentejo, Portugal, about the design template “Wine travel – a driver for rural development.

UNWTO has celebrated the 2nd edition the the global Tourism invest Forum. Involvement Ministers the Tourism for the event in Cabo Verde were service leaders, entrepreneurs and also investors, with a special emphasis on innovation and sustainable recovery from the results of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The 64th conference of the UNWTO regional Commission for Africa (CAF) observed 23 countries represented on the island the Sal, v 21 Ministers of travel joining five Ambassadors because that the high-level event. Opened the the supervisory board meeting, the president of Cabo Verde Jorge Carlos Fonseca readily available a heat welcome to UNWTO’s leadership and also to every delegates.
Destination funding (DC) has signed a collaborative setup with the human being Tourism organization (UNWTO) of the United nations to support the rejuvenation that the hotel industry. The arrangement supports the connection DC has with the worldwide Finance corporation (IFC) come promote invest in green and also sustainable travel accommodation and also to stimulate re-employment, particularly in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.
The biggest dilemm in the history of tourism proceeds into a 2nd year. In between January and also May, worldwide tourist arrivals to be 85% below 2019 level (or a 65% drop on 2020), UNWTO data shows.
Publication Of an initial International standard On available Tourism for All, Led by UNWTO, Fundación ONCE and also UNE
The worldwide Organization for Standardization (ISO) has actually published the world’s first standard on easily accessible tourism, ISO 21902 Tourism and also related solutions – easily accessible tourism for all – Requirements and also recommendations.
Extension that the collaboration between UNWTO and the Grupo Xcaret has synchronized with the opening of the brand-new Hotal Xcaret Arte, critical investment that reveals the confidence of the Grupo Xcaret in the sustainable recovery of tourism.
Tourism businesses and destinations are stepping up their commitment come sustainability. Aimed in ~ reducing waste and pollution throughout the sector, the worldwide Tourism plastics Initiative (GTPI) is welcoming 32 new signatories, v every global region represented behind the common goal.

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The mayors of few of the world’s leading destinations have met in Porto to rethink metropolitan tourism in the post-pandemic age. Organized by UNWTO, the federal government of Portugal, Turismo de Portugal and the City the Porto, the Mayors Forum on Tourism and the Future of urban highlighted the chance to restart city tourism with a emphasis on sustainability, innovation and also inclusion.