The open container regulation in Texas and also the aftermath for own an open alcoholic beverage in a motor vehicle.

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Texas"s open up container law usually prohibits possession of open up containers that alcohol in a engine vehicle. However, the law doesn"t use to some areas of a automobile or to passengers in certain varieties of vehicles. This post provides an overview of Texas"s open container law and the penalties because that a violation.

Possession of open Containers of Alcohol

Texas"s open up container regulation prohibits possession the an open up container that alcohol in the "passenger area the a motor vehicle." If the vehicle is situated on a publicly highway, that doesn"t issue whether the vehicle is gift driven, is stopped, or parked. Possession of much more than one open container that alcohol by an individual in a motor vehicle is a single offense.

The "passenger area of a motor vehicle" is the area designed for the driver and passengers of the automobile to sit. The doesn"t include:

a locked glove compartment or similar compartment that is lockedthe trunk of the vehicle, orthe area behind the critical upright chair of the vehicle if over there isn"t a trunk.

An "open container" is identified as a bottle, can, or other receptacle containing any type of alcoholic beverage that is open, has actually been open, has a damaged seal, or has had some that the materials removed.

A "public highway" includes any kind of public road, street, highway, interstate, right-of-way, or other areas open to the general public for motor automobile travel.


Texas"s open up container legislation doesn"t apply to passenger in some species of vehicles. Passengers can lawfully own an open container that alcohol in the:

passenger area that a motor automobile that"s used primarily for the transport of persons for compensation (such as a bus, taxi, or limousine), andliving area of a engine home, self-contained camper, or other recreational vehicle.

Another exception enables an open up container that alcohol come be inserted in a locked compartment such together a gloves compartment or a trunk. If the vehicle doesn"t have a trunk, the open container deserve to be placed behind the critical upright chair of the vehicle.


A human who own an open up container of alcohol in a motor vehicle will obtain a created citation and also a notice to show up before a judge. As long as the offender signs the notification promising to show up in court at a later on date, he or she will certainly be released.

An open container violation is a course C misdemeanor. The maximum good is $500.

Additionally, possessing an open up container have the right to enhance the penalties because that a DWI (driving if intoxicated) conviction. While the minimum prison sentence because that a an initial DWI is normally three days, a an initial DWI conviction including possession of an open container dead a minimum sentence of 6 days in jail.

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Texas also has a legislation that makes it illegal to run or rally an amusement journey while intoxicated. As with a DWI, possessing an open up container while violating the amusement ride law rises the minimum prison sentence from three to 6 days.