That quote, because that those the you that don’t watch movies, is indigenous the film The Dark Knight. Till now, I simply thought it to be an exciting statement, however the truth is the I’ve lived prefer that. Also, till now, over there was really no dawn come speak of.

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Glowing in the irradiate of the darkness

But, as these usually do go, a subtle light has gotten in my civilization again. It’s just a tiny ray that light, actually, however in the serious darkness I’ve been v it i do not care a glowing beacon. A beam of hope, if you will.

This week, because that the first time in 16 months, I’ll it is in heading off to a job job. That’s a search that began over 2 years ago, prior to I’d left the previous place (and the enormity of the stress affiliated with it). It’s a component time job, but it’s doing the points that I’ve learned therefore much around over my fifteen year in the business.

They really appeared to appreciate the vast, different species of understanding that i have. Be it graphic design, or technology, or web work, they were very interested in my complete amount that knowledge. On top of that, they were quite interested in my composing capabilities. Mine previous positions were only interested in that side of my occupational in passing, for this reason it’s good to hear someone yes, really likes it.

Above all, lock are just excited to have actually me there. That’s a emotion I haven’t had in a very, really long time, and also not through several jobs. I’ve sent out out virtually a hundred resumes too, with small interest, so to have someone genuinely excited because that me to be there is a an excellent feeling.

In these last 2 years, my art has also drifted away. I’ve had fewer and fewer publishers, in spite of sending out numerous queries. Ns haven’t sold any kind of of my originals, save for one set when ns was a con guest 2 years ago. I only sold a grasp of prints at my Spectrum booth in May, a major crash and also disruption to my bank account. That one has actually been hard to overcome, there is no at the very least breaking also my money situation has rotate desperate.

Above all though, the constant job search, and also lack the anyone acquisition interest in me, is spirit crushing. This tiny opportunity at a job position might at the very least smooth some things out. It’s been famine for a long time, and, while ns don’t intend a feast whenever soon, at the very least a tiny grub would certainly be nice.

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So, as I go into my 40’s today, we will check out what happens. It’s a an excellent time to look at my future, and if art will certainly be in it, or even writing, and to what degree I can produce from here. That quick brand-new piece above, referred to as Glowing in the light of the darkness, is the very first shot end the bow. Currently to view if i sink or swim.