As saying in the question, there are just two 3s electron in the outer shell that magnesium. They have to be paired up and give increase to a diamagnetic behavior. However in numerous resources, magnesium is considered as a paramagnetic material. Deserve to anyone give an explanation of such phenomenon?
One possible reason can be the Mg-Mg bonding (or the electron sea model) in the material, which will somehow command to the paramagnetism. I carry out not rather understand and also would prefer to recognize the details if possible. Numerous thanks. 


You are right Ning, Mg atom in in gas states are diamagnetic because the valence electrons room paired. However, metals in the solid state have various magnetic nature from their individual atoms. Mg has actually paramagnetic property, despite not having solitary electron in that is configuration and also gold mirrors diamagnetic property in spite of having single electron in its S orbital. This is due to the fact that in a non-magnetic system, we have actually equal number of spin up and spin down electrons, however in the existence of magnetic ar , the Zeeman energy term move the bands which way that over there is an imbalance that up and down spins producing a magnetization.

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The electronic structure of metallic magnesium is totally different from the digital structure that a magnesium atom. This is normally true. You cannot predict the number of unpaired electron in a compound from the number of unpaired electrons in an diverted atom.

Tarik, is this a misunderstanding? ns think Ning Li was no asking about MgO but around Mg(0), Magnesium in the oxidation state zero.

Thank you Wolfgang. I could get his notation properly. For me thezero oxidation state doesn't mean any thing. I can understand oxidation or palliation potentials or the Pauling Electronegativity. They are concerned the electron-transfer potential that neutral atom species.
Otherwise my answer would be YES. Magnesium metal has very tiny para-magnetism since the applications of the exterior magnetic field changes the populace of the spin up and also down electrons. That results small population difference, which results temporal para-magnetism ~ the be safe of the Fermi levels belong come the both turn states. The is dubbed Pauli -paramagnetism. Tungsten has actually highest and Sodium has actually lowest.

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Erratum: highly monodisperse colloidal magnesium nanopartlcles through room temperature cradle ripening (Inorganic Chemistry (2009) 48 (4524) DOI:10.1021/ic9003577)
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