“The Sims 2: open up for business is an growth pack that enables your Sims to operation their very own business. Her Sims deserve to purchase neighborhood lots to begin the business, which have the right to be a shop, arcade, gym or also a restaurant. To run a restaurant deserve to be among the trickier business in The Sims 2: open up for Business because it calls for a minimum of three employees and consistent attention to run it properly.

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Click on her Sim’s phone and click “Start a Business.” select a neighborhood lot to purchase and then use a taxi to walk to that ar lot to begin building.

Create a building large enough because that at the very least two or three tables in the seating area, to add a kitchen, male bathroom and also female bathroom. You additionally will need space for a break-room for the staff with a television and sofa. Be certain to leaving room for expansion because you will certainly be may be to add on together the cash starts to flow.

Place the “Restaurant Podium” item native “The Sims 2: Nightlife” close to the front of her restaurant.

Place the "Chef Station" item in the kitchen.

Use the business menu to rental at the very least two employees (you can use your own Sim for a grand full of three).

Assign a Sim v high cooking skill to it is in the cook in the kitchen. Entrust one center to occupational the restaurant podium and also assign the 3rd Sim to be a waiter. You likewise can have actually the restaurant podium sim switch earlier and forth in between waiter and host.

Add decorative touches and expand her restaurant together you gain more income. Friend will require only tables with solitary chairs since the game’s man-made intelligence won’t have Sims come in together. Include a bar and also pool table and also hire a sim to occupational the bar constantly.

Keep your chef making food constantly, also when there are no customers. This will rise his food preparation skill. You also can location the extra food inside a display case to offer as takeaway.


Run a restaurant together a family organization to cut earlier on the number of employees you should pay. Friend may eventually have to hire outside help as the restaurant grows larger, yet you’ll still conserve money.

Work your Sim up to Level 10 in cooking before opening your restaurant and also then usage him together the chef come avoid having actually to salary a highly expert outside chef.

Always make sure to have an appropriately sized staff room with amenities such as a fridge and also stove, television, sofa and also private toilet to keep their engine filled.

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