The hairless sphynx native Switzerland has challenged some difficult competition for among the internet’s greatest prizes …


Name: Xherdan.

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Age: Six.

Appearance: The world scariest cat.

That isn’t particularly descriptive. Oh, ns sorry. How around “a life mince cat statue do by a cack-handed toddler”?

I quiet can’t picture it. How around “a shop-soiled human brain gone mobile”?

Not quite. OK. “An ‘after’ shoot of Krang out of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles indigenous a federal government poster campaign about the risks of meth addiction”?

That’s better, yet I’m still having a little trouble. “A scrotum with teeth”?

Yikes. Finally, we’re ~ above the same page. carry out you view now? Xherdan is the world scariest cat.

Tell me an ext of this Xherdan. Well, he’s a six-year-old hairless sphynx from Switzerland, owned by a woman dubbed Sandra Filippi. He likewise looks choose something the end of Stephen king’s Pet Sematary.

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But Sandra loves him, right? of course. She have the right to see previous Xherdan’s physics appearance, and says: “When I an initial saw him, he immediately stole mine heart. His wrinkled pink skin as fine as a peach and also his turquoise eyes … I was in love!”

Love really is blind. He is supposedly a very playful cat with a lovely temperament. That loves cuddles and talking.

He deserve to talk? Well, friend know, she probably means he can miaow. You recognize what cat owners space like.

Is he yes, really the world’s scariest cat, though? i’m glad friend asked since the vain is fairly stiff. Do you mental Ugly Bat Boy?

Ugly who Now? Oh, come on, girlfriend remember Ugly Bat Boy. He was a new Hampshire vet’s home cat, and he went viral a decade earlier by feather a bit like what Aslan would have looked prefer if that mysteriously drowning in vinegar partway with being shaved.

And he’s scarier than Xherdan? No, no really. But there was also Ugly Bertie from 2010, who resembled father Jack in cat form.

Was he scarier 보다 Xherdan? Probably not. He just looked ugly many thanks to a viral image in i beg your pardon his eye were reflecting light in a monster way.

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So Xherdan rules supreme? undoubtedly he does. However, do we really desire to it is in the type of culture that judges the worth of a biology by its appearance? Xherdan is a living, breathing thing. That didn’t choose to look choose this. The fact that we’re all rubbing our hands v glee about how ugly that is makes me feeling uneasy. It’s a go back to the work of the victor freak show.