Fear the wade Dead Season 7 episode 3 really seemed favor it wanted to be mostly a Halloween form of episode. Just like most FTWD illustration so far this season, over there were components I really enjoyed and parts the I could have gone without. It premiered a week early on AMC+, and also will air for the an initial time top top TV on AMC top top Sunday, October 31.

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This article is a fear the walking Dead Season 7 episode 3 evaluation of the premiere based on watching the episode as the aired ~ above AMC+. (Post Apocalyptic does not receive screeners.) There will certainly be significant episode spoilers.

The means They take care of Nuclear autumn Is starting to annoy Me

I’ll admit… I remained in a bit of a negative mood as soon as I to be watching this episode, so I can be judging this one a bit more harshly 보다 previous episodes. (It’s likewise why I’m so much later publishing this evaluation than I usually am.) but I’m really starting to acquire annoyed with how nuclear autumn is handled. In previous seasons, us were told that nuclear autumn from a much smaller meltdown was catastrophic and also getting any blood on girlfriend from a contaminated zombie was pretty lot a fatality sentence.

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Well, now things space different. One minute, we’re being told the the personalities need to be yes, really careful around radiation exposure and also limit your time outdoors. They’re attract suits and masks. However then we’re likewise being shown personalities who are seemingly act just fine. In critical week’s episode, two characters endured so lot harsh autumn that components of their deals with were falling off. Morgan freaks out when Grace takes off her mask, and also she admits that she’s doing it because she’s prepared to die. However then, through the end of the episode, both Grace and Morgan have spent a ton the time through their masks off and they head back to the submarine favor everything’s going come be just fine. There’s no talk around how lock will likely die an agonizing death.

Well, there’s more of that in this illustration too. Man Dorie Sr. And June have actually no protocols for decontaminating john after he’s been exterior in his suit. The radioactive fit is just sitting inside the bunker through them, and no one is worried about this. It’s really beginning to gain to me…