“Friendships – and indeed many relationships – are measured in the closeness the hearts, minds and soul ties… no in the street of physical miles or even the passing of time.” -Rasheed Ogunlaru

In the day and also era of society distancing, we save hearing one measurement repetitive over and also over and also over again:

Six feet.

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At confront value, that seems favor a rather arbitrary distance. 6 feet? that a relatively common height amongst the person population. It’s also considered component of the deep end of the swimming pool. 6 feet is so ubiquitous that the a distance we never ever really thought about… in ~ least, not till now.

So why did health and wellness officials decide that we essential to be 6 feet apart? Why not five feet? Or even four?

The price comes under to the an extremely air us breathe, cough, and also sneeze… and also what could be floating in it. According to Idaho State Epidemiologist Dr. Christine Hahn,

“Six feet really comes the end of researches that if I sneeze or sneeze and also don’t cover it, you’re safe the end of mine zone. Droplets will certainly land before they acquire to you. If I’m staying six feet away from you and you unexpectedly sneeze and also don’t covering it, I’m far enough way that i shouldn’t obtain contaminated.”

Obviously, we recognize that continuing to be six feet from other people isn’t a 100% guarantee that you won’t obtain COVID-19 when you’re out in public and also that there are extr important ways to safeguard yourself. The at least a start, though. But saying, “Stay 6 feet apart” is for this reason boring. There needs to be a far better way to expression it… right? worry not, too ~ reader, for I have compiled a perform of things that are six feet long to do social distancing much much more interesting.

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Six feet is indistinguishable to:

Roughly the height of a traditional refrigeratorThe size of a tapir5 bowling pinsDueling lightsabers (Spread COVID-19 you will certainly not)The length of 1 alligatorThe depth of a grave1 Ryan Reynolds, chris Evans, or Sebastian StanThe length of 4 Beagles, 2 great Pyrenees, or 18 ChihuahuasThe average elevation of a baby giraffeThe average size of a hockey stickThe size of 1 Atlantic Sturgeon, 2 Muskellunge, 4 American Shad, 6 Largemouth Bass, or 8 Rainbow Trout

And last however certainly not least,

1 Gwendoline Christie (AKA Brienne that Tarth)

Next time I’m the end in public and also someone gets as well close to me, i’m going come ask them come step ago and stay at least one Sebastian Stan away from me. If someone gets too close come you, ask lock to stay two lightsabers street away indigenous you. That a lot much more interesting.


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