The letter K has actually been part of the alphabet for a lengthy time, since the Phoenicians. When it"s just moderately usual in English, it"s a global sound. Almost every language has actually words that incorporate the K sound. This list of K indigenous for children is draft to communicate students v these distinctive words v the traditional K sound, and those through a quiet K.

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Worksheet: matching K Words to Pictures

Young learner will discover this printable worksheet come be as engaging and fun as it is jajalger2018.orgal. Their task is simple: just enhance words to pictures. Castle can also color the images to further reinforce the concepts.


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Early Elementary native That start With K

This beforehand elementary native list contains words through the K sound and also some that attribute a quiet K as the very first letter. Many are concrete quite than abstract, as is most appropriate for first and second graders. Intuitive aids will help young students grasp what the native describe.

Silent K Practice

The large next action in this words is the quiet K. We"ve contained several native that start with a quiet K. Verbal gamings such together saying this words aloud to a rhythm, or picking multiple students, each v one word they need to repeat when one more word is said, will certainly familiarize your students with this oddity of English.

Writing around K Words for Kids

Encourage students to go past just recognizing these K words with writing activities. Assign them to write complete sentences, or even whole stories focused on vocabulary words from the list. Usage these elementary institution writing prompts to assist them obtain started, with the caveat the they require to include some K words from this list.

Upper Elementary: things That begin With K

From third through fifth grade, it"s vital for young learners to continue building a solid vocabulary while likewise engaging with the context and also larger definition of the native they space learning. Structure on the previous list, this one contains words that begin with the K sound, as well as those in which the K is silent.

Enhance Vocabulary through Visual Aids

Many of this words that start with K for kids can it is in reinforced v videos and also other visual aids. Your students are likely to reap videos the knights jousting or karate demonstrations, and what they view will help them associate images with this vocabulary words.

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More K Word creating Practice

Continue encouraging student to develop their writing an abilities with creating assignments focused on vocabulary words. Usage these top elementary composing prompts to aid them obtain started drafting story or poems that incorporate K words from this list. Explore even more writing prompts that incorporate worksheets because that students to use in course or for homework.

The Letter K Is Everywhere

One that the unique qualities of K as a letter is that its sound occurs in almost every talked language. Due to the fact that English is so wealthy in derivatives and also borrowed words, this creates a wide variety of vocabulary to communicate your students" minds, even when you"re focused solely on K words because that kids. Save going v your K words! WordFinder"s list of words that start with the letter K contains an progressed search feature, which enables you to include even an ext K indigenous to your vocabulary list. They will certainly kindle a love of learning in her kindergartners and keen older children alike!

For an ext enriching vocabulary activities, move on to the next letter of the alphabet to explore words that begin with L because that kids. Your small learners are most likely to love experimenting this list of lovely words.